We asked guys what it’s really like to eat us out and got some crazy stories about making girls cum


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We asked guys what it’s really like to eat us out and got some crazy stories about making girls cum

Shoutout to the guy who compared us to a wet burrito

I don't think I've ever met a woman who didn't like getting head. For lots of us, getting eaten out is the only way we can cum at all. And as such, I've got a message for the men reading this: Sorry, not sorry! Learn to swirl the ABCs.

But while you're on your back with his head in between your thighs, it can be hard to focus on anything besides the fact someone's tongue is legit in your vagina. Have you ever wondered afterwords what was going on inside his head while he was giving you some?

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We asked guys what it's like to eat pussy, and found out they're all super into watching women squirm. And comparing our vaginas to weird foods.


It’s beautiful yo, there is so much passion in the act. It’s really one of the most intimate things you can do. You’re literally tasting her, making the sexual experience reach a different altitude.


It’s kinda like eating guacamole out of a soggy tortilla shell the day after a sloppy drunken cocaine binge. Big fan.


For me, giving head is the biggest confidence booster. I was eating a girl out once and made her squirt for the first time ever. Like, I gave it to her so good she did something she didn't know she could do. That's why I do it — it makes us both feel good.


You bet I'm gonna go down on you when you take good care of your pussy. I love it. And women do so much to take care of their vaginas, like how they buy fancy soaps and get waxed? Mad props, we appreciate you. If you don't take care of it down there… I don't know about all that.


Giving head feels like trying to solve a flesh-covered Rubik’s cube doused in fish oil but despite being a little gross, it’s hot and fun.


If I like you, I'll give head any day, any time. I've heard that women sometimes get nervous about getting head because they're worried about shaving or things like that, but that's dumb. I doubt anyone's ever stormed out because he prefers clean shaven to landing strip. I just wanna taste you. It's hot.


Honestly, I'd rather eat her out than ask her to give me head. I like to feel in control, and I feel much more in control making her cum than letting her put my dick in her mouth. There's too many teeth down there.


I genuinely like giving head. Driving a girl crazy like that turns me on. I get pleasure from her pleasure. I like to watch her squirm.


For me, head is special. If I'm down to go down on you, it's because I'm into you. Head is an incredibly intimate act compared to normal sex, or like, a one night stand. It's honestly an amazing experience for both of us and I only want to do it with girls I really like.


It's like a face hug. I like it. It's remarkably intimate.


For me, it's part of the whole package. I'll always go down on a girl because I know most of them can't cum any other way. And if I cum, you cum.