Good afternoon! Here’s every time Kendall and Kylie were weirdly sexual with each other on camera


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Good afternoon! Here’s every time Kendall and Kylie were weirdly sexual with each other on camera

Uhh…do you do this with your sister?

My sister is my best friend. We drink together, smoke together and laugh at people who want to fight us online when we see their edges are out of place.

Despite being thicc as thieves, we've never gone into sisterwife territory — that's (typically) some whypipo shit.

Kendall and Kylie, though, seem to be on another level. Physical affection is good! Being close is good! Touching tongues? Um, maybe don't do that.

They've kissed…a couple times

  • Sure, they both came from the same womb, but that doesn't mean you need to swap sister spit. Personal space was already hard to come by when you're forced to share everything throughout your upbringing. I love my sis, but not this much.

  • They have lap danced on each other…many, MANY times

  • I love the children and the openness of their sexuality, but when the children are your blood relatives, maybe (just maybe) you should chill out. We already have politicians out here trying to make child marriage legal. One sexual controversy at a time, people. Please.

    Who could forget this iconic Snapchat moment? This was when Kendall and Kylie were still fucking with their gang-gang, the MSFTS heavy. It's beyond me why people like grinding on each other in the club at all, but I personally like to keep other people's genitals off my cellulicious badonk-a-donk.

    But Kylie putting her hand where it didn't belong takes the cake for me as their most weird Snapchat moment

  • Umm…I have nothing to say. What I will say, though, is that I feel like anyone watching this should probably be handcuffed. But that's just me and my grandma ass.

    We also have to examine that some of their photos are just a tad bit sexually unsettling

    I'm not saying you can't hug or touch your sibling because that'd just be stupid. However, you can't deny the fact that Ken and Ky's amount of touching would make you do a double take if they acted this way around you and your friends.

    Allow me to paint a picture for you on how other (ehem, normal) sisters take photos together:

    The Bines' sisterly shots

    And then we have the Jenners

    lemme suck on that chin bitch!!!!

    A post shared by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on Dec 16, 2014 at 11:37am PST

    Even this Balmain ad couldn't keep Ky's hands off Kendall


    A post shared by King Kylie (@king.kyliex) on Mar 21, 2018 at 1:46pm PDT

    I don't hate women and I don't hate sisters who hang on each other the way Kendall and Kylie do, but all I'm saying is I'd save all this teasing for my side piece. Not my damn sister.

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