Have you ever noticed all reality TV stars look exactly the same? It’s because they’re all following this five-step formula



Have you ever noticed all reality TV stars look exactly the same? It’s because they’re all following this five-step formula

And you can too!

If you've ever noticed that Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kim Zolciak looks kind of like Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen, who looks kind of like everyone relevant on Vanderpump Rules — and they all look like Khloe, Kim and Kourtney, who are basically indistinguishable at this point — don't worry: you're not the only one.

Cosmetic surgery professionals have pinned down the exact "look" that reality TV stars are rushing to conform to, and honestly, it totally fucking tracks. Like, look at this woman and tell me she isn't a long-lost Kardashian cousin:

According to experts, the so-called "reality face" is made up of five different factors: smooth foreheads, thick and well-defined eyebrows, ultra-plump lips, wrinkle-free skin and heavy makeup.

I'd add prominent cheekbones and wavy, middle-parted hair to the mix, but otherwise, I think they nailed it. And that's not to mention the hoards of Insta-girls who are simultaneously biting this look. Seriously, check this shit out:

I can never decide which selfie to post when @muavee glams me! ?

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Marching Band Girl Chic

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? I guess this is my favorite filter ?

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Night nite

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Interview days ? my favorite actually! I can't believe I have been on ? 10 yrs! WOW it's been so incredible! I've learned so much about me, met the love of my entire life, had babies on TV, had surgeries on TV, cried on TV, laughed on TV, got married on TV, moved 3 times on TV, had my first baby graduate on TV, my second baby be sneaky on TV ? … I wrote my story in my teens in my journal and it said exactly what I have done for these last 10 yrs! What you think you create. What you believe you receive! The power of our words is really something magnificent. Try it!! Negative self talk is still talk, what you speak comes back to you 10 folds like a boomerang! Try it!!! Speak something you dream of into existence! (My highlight is my fav @mac_daddyy Artist couture in Yasss ???)

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lowkey shivering fit: @fashionnova

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I'm legitimately creeped out by reality face! The resemblance uncanny and I'm nervous as hell!

This look is, unsurprisingly, more than just a coincidence or like, drinking a lot of water: it requires lip injections, regular Botox treatments, a kickass hair stylist and a fuckload of makeup, so it's definitely not attainable for us plebeians.

But honestly, even if I could, would I really want to look like a cookie-cutter version of every other hot, dramatic bitch on TV and lose my individuality, my sense of self, my identity?

Just kidding. Duh. I totally would.

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