The Parkland shooter has an actual fan club. We asked them what the fuck they’re thinking


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The Parkland shooter has an actual fan club. We asked them what the fuck they’re thinking

They call themselves #NikFam and they think Nikolas Cruz is innocent

In the wake of the Parkland high school shooting, a bizarre group has emerged – Nikolas Cruz fans idolizing the gunman who killed 17 people.

Posting online with hashtags like #JusticeForNik, #NikolasNeedsOurHelp and #ProtectNikolas, a small but vocal number of supporters are speaking out to claim Cruz is innocent and needs protection. Some have professed their admiration of him, identifying themselves as #NikFam – the stans of the Florida shooter.

And one fan has even started selling Nikolas Cruz merch, donating the proceeds to the killer's commissary fund. You can buy "Justice For Nik" bracelets for $2, and "Cruz Army" stickers at $2 each that say "Fighting For Truth and Justice" on them.

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A meme supporting Florida gunman Nikolas Cruz, here called 'The First Victim'

"The truth is out there!" says a description of one of the bracelets. "Our support system is strong and our NikFam is growing stronger! All proceeds will go directly to Nikolas Cruz commissary funds. One side reads Justice for Nik, and the other side reads #NikFam. Thank you for your support!! Please help spread the word so we can get our sweet boy the help he deserves!"

A woman named Jenna Luke, from Wichita, Texas set up the fan site, so babe called her up and asked what the fuck she was doing. "He isn't a murderer. What's wrong with you?" Luke said in an interview. "I firmly believe he is innocent and deserves a fair trial. Show me the proof. Show me one picture of him going into the school. There isn't one."

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'One side reads Justice for Nik, and the other side reads #NikFam'

We wanted to ask more, but she cut us off and said: "I'm sorry I don't feel the need to answer any more of your questions. I don't know you."

Luke has also raised $200 on a GoFundMe for Nikolas Cruz, where she calls on donors to raise money for "Nik," who she refers to as "The First Victim."

"We need to know he's OK," she writes. "All funds raised will go directly to commissary payments so he can get stamps, envelopes, paper, etc. And hopefully let us know he knows we are here for him! Prayers are needed just as badly, please please keep those coming!!"

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She's one of many others who think Cruz – the guy who before the massacre literally said "I'm going to be a school shooter" – is innocent. Go on Twitter and search for the hashtags supporting him, like #IStandWithNik, and you'll see tweets praising Cruz as an "innocent boy."

Again, babe asked them to explain why they're standing up for the Parkland shooter.

Holly Lewis, who tweets often with the hashtag #NikFam, told me: "For starters, a teacher on national television stated she was shot by a man in full body armor with a helmet and mask none of which Cruz was wearing."

"I think there are a lot of unanswered questions!" added an account called Broward Schools Corrupt. "Have YOU heard 1 witness say they saw him BESIDES the young lady he was walking out with, as shots were being fired? I haven't. WHY was there a child with a bulletproof vest?"

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This strand of conspiracy theory seems less tied to the Infowars, "crisis actor" schtick that saw the teen survivors of Parkland smeared by far-right media. Posts like: "I want to help this innocent boy" appear to be a misguided attempt to defend Cruz, claiming he was a victim of mental illness and bullying.

It comes after the woman-hating subculture of incels, which stands for involuntarily celibate, praised Cruz as a "saint" for opening fire on his former classmates. "Cruz be forever praised!" said a user.

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