From ponytails to chicken nuggets, this is Bella Hadid’s guide to looking perfect for every party


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From ponytails to chicken nuggets, this is Bella Hadid’s guide to looking perfect for every party

‘We’re only eating tiny foods’

Despite being a literal billionaire, in an interview with Harper's Bazaar this week, 20-year-old international supermodel Bella Hadid says she doesn't think the recipe for a "perfect party" involves champagne, A-list celebs or Gatsby-esque decor. Bells says it's about being in a small space, surrounded by close friends, indulging in fries and martinis. Sound familiar?

"I don't like being around a lot of people I don't know," she says, adding that although she likes meeting new people, a party is usually more special if she's just with her close girl and guy friends, "and of course, Hendricks and tonic."

But whether you're partying with celebs like Drake and the Weeknd or cooped up in a basement with only the most intimate of friends, there are a few party style rules Bella swears by.

What we're wearing

Slicked-back hair

Bella told Harper's Bazaar that when she goes to a party she always, always prefers to stick to slicked-back hair because she doesn't want to deal with frizz or having it hanging in front of her eyes all night. "I don't like to touch my hair, I don't like to have to deal with it," she says, "I love to have a look that I can wear for hours and that's long-lasting."


"Especially for parties, I like to have my hair back," she says. And aside from keeping it out of your face, a ponytail is the ultimate one second face-lift. Our middle school selves should be so lucky.

Nude lip gloss

There's nothing that says try-hard like a bold red lip on a night out and in 2018, we're saving our energy. Natural looks are finally in so you can let your lips breathe. Maybe even try some chapstick on them and nothing us?

"I am very self-conscious with my lips and with red for some reason," Bella says, adding that because it can smudge on glasses (or boys), she always sticks to nudes for parties. "It still looks glossy and beautiful, but you can wear it all night."

Dramatic cat-eye

Even though Bella errs on the side of natural for lips, when it comes to eyes, she's is all about bold — and that means a dark cateye look that won't smudge as the hours turn from 11 to 2 to 3.

What we're listening to

Bella says if she were in charge of the playlist, everyone would be listening to Big Shot by Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar.

What we're eating

Tiny foods ONLY. Bella says when she's hosting parties or out at parties, she always opts for mini-food. "You can eat a lot of them without looking completely horrific," she says, which seems…weird, but we'll leave that for you to dissect. Your desert, she says, is your martini.

Her hangover cure? Don't get too smashed in the first place. Classy, Bells.