I’ve decided these celebrities should be together because they seem like they’d just WORK


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I’ve decided these celebrities should be together because they seem like they’d just WORK

You can’t argue with me

When I was younger, I held out hope that Nick Jonas would put a ring on Miley Cyrus' finger and make a slew of Jonas babies with the same passion I dedicated to my own love life.

Unfortunately, they both took a different route to romance and my teen dreams were slaughtered. So to cope with the trauma, I'm shipping all these other celebs because I have an excellent sense for these things. They'll achieve the fairytale ending I was looking for in Niley, I can feel it in my bones.

SZA and Travis Scott (Szais ???)

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The realization didn't hit me until Love Galore came out and Travis had already planted his seed in baby mama, Kylie, but Travis and SZA actually look like a match made in heaven. She's screams 90s fierceness and Travis makes decent enough music to be blessed with a SZA feature. Maybe if Kylie and Trav don't work out, he and SZA can tap into each other's musical genius. I look forward to a couple's album and the 8,000 Grammys it will inevitably win.

Shawn Mendes and Troye Sivan (Shroye)

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The babe office is pretty convinced that Shawn Mendez is gay. And after watching him as an advisor to Alicia Keyes on The Voice, I'm becoming more and more convinced he no longer plays for my team. I'm sad about it, but I think he and Troye would make some sweet, sweet music together. Not to mention they look like they'd reign as kings at any Pride parade. I'd bow down to them any day.

Azealia Banks and Zac Efron (Zacealia)

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Azealia Banks is always going off on Twitter, constantly calling other celebs out of their name. Therefore, I think she needs a white man in her life to level with her, and Zac would be perfect. Her spunky persona and loud mouth would end Efron's fuckboy ways (he allegedly cheated on Vanessa Hudgens), and I think she'd soften up a bit with Zac's ability to make almost any woman swoon.

Drake and Halsey (Dralsey)

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I think because Halsey is a hybrid of Rita Ora and a sentient Tumblr post, she seems like she'd be Drake's type. Yeah, I know Halsey is already in a committed relationship with Gerald Eazy, but I think she needs a someone with actual swag to keep her interested.

Halsey is just the right amount of sugar and spice, so I think she would be able to get Drake out of his lightskin feelings every now and then. Sometimes we could all use more of the "10 bands, 50 bands" Drake rather than the emotional "I better find your heart" bullshit that I, quite frankly, am tired of hearing.

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet (Timlie)

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I'm not even sure Kylie and Timmy have even been in the same room, but I think Tim has proven many times on-screen that he's capable of being vulnerable. And that makes him a perfect candidate for the role of Stormi's stepfather. You know, in case the whole Travis thing doesn't work out (it won't lol).

Kylie is social media aficionado and sexy spitfire, making her perfect for Tim who looks like he's never even seen a vagina in his 15 years of life. While it's pretty obvi Kylie is way out of Tim's league, it's all the more reason to ship them. They're both hella photogenic and she could put it down on him and he'd be appreciative in her doing so.

Bella Thorne and Madelaine Petsch (Mabella)

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Yes, I am shipping these two for their red hair and (natural? lol jk) plump lips. Beyond that, I think these two would be perfect partners because Madelaine seems a bit more reserved in her sex appeal and Bella holds nothing back when posting up her thirst traps. I think Bella is just the person Maddie needs to let her hair down. Also, who wouldn't want to be between these two red-headed hotties?

Kendall Jenner and Michelle Rodriguez

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We've given you proof that Kendall Jenner is gay, so why not pair her with the hottest badass in action filmmaking, Michelle Rodriguez? My coworkers disagree, but I think Kendall is the most mature of the KarJenner cult so she needs an older woman in her life. Michelle seems like the type of woman who doesn't take any shit from people, so she'd be able to stand her ground when meeting the fam. I don't know about ya'll, but I think we can speak this one into existence.

Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelley

Bad things video is out!❤

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These two have already made me question if a relationship was budding after shooting their Bad Things video. She's already controversial enough after dismantling Fifth Harmony, but I might actually like her if she decided to entertain MGK's fine ass. He's tall, hot, blonde and probably mature seeing as he too has a baby by another woman. He just might be the thing she needs to help her grow up a little bit faster. Besides, he seems like the type of white rapper to say the n-word, and we know Camila does.

Lili Reinhart and Leo Howard (Lilo)

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I think these two are snacks that belong all over my Insta feed. Honestly, Leo Howard from Kick'n it looks like a way hotter, chiseled version of Lili's current boyfriend, Cole Sprouse. She's someone who's presently in the spotlight for her role in Riverdale, and I think it would serve her better to date someone who used to be in the spotlight. Leo may already have a girlfriend, but I think having someone like Lili in his life may be a smarter idea in the event he ever wants to get back into acting. Overall, I'm gagging over the possibility that this could happen. They're hella cute, amirite?

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