People are putting this YouTuber on blast for fetishizing Asians in a series of racist videos


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People are putting this YouTuber on blast for fetishizing Asians in a series of racist videos

HRH Collection has been accused of racial stereotyping

A popular beauty YouTuber has come under fire for racial stereotyping in her videos. Alexandra Peirce, whose channel HRH Collection pulls in millions of views, was accused of fetishizing Asians in videos titled "IM DYING TO BE ASIAN" and "CHINESE BILLIONAIRE'S DAUGHTER INSTRUCTION."

The Los Angeles-based YouTuber was criticized by beauty blogger Sarah Cheung, who screenshotted moments from Peirce's videos that appear to typecast Asians, calling them "blatantly racist."

HRH Chinese New Year tradition??

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"She keeps making these videos about wanting to be Asian, dying to be Asian," Cheung explained. "It's very weird to me. I'm kind of bothered by this, because I think she's either genuinely just ignorant that is considered very racist, or she does it on purpose to be clickbaity. Videos like 'IM DYING TO BE ASIAN' are going to get a load of views. Of course there's a problem with it."

Screenshots of Sarah Cheung's Instagram, where she accuses Alexandra Peirce of fetishizing Asians

In videos like "IM DYING TO BE ASIAN," Peirce boasts that the time she spent studying in China made her obsessed with "Asian stuff." She claimed: "Ever since I lived in Shanghai, anything Asian just speaks to me." She also describes herself as "in the know" because she has two Korean assistants and takes her dog for grooming sessions in LA's Koreatown.

"I love going [to the mall] and being amongst Asian people," she adds, even though she describes the malls as "shitholes" because they aren't as nice as typical American ones.

"Why do Asians always do the cutest shit ever?" she asks on leaving the mall in "ASIAN WHITE GIRL."

Alexandra Peirce

In another one of her videos titled "CHINESE BILLIONAIRE'S DAUGHTER INSTRUCTION VIDEO," she offers advice on how to dress like a wealthy young Chinese woman.

  • "I really do feel like I'm capturing something that they would wear," Peirce says. She then goes on to describe her idea of a Chinese billionaire's daughter:

    "They're very straight-faced people. They're not very friendly. They might be friendly to themselves, I don't know if they're shy or nervous… They don't even look at you. They're just so in their own world because they have the best life ever with their two little friends. They seem very snobby, honestly. Very, very snobby."

    On her site, Peirce explains where her obsession comes from. "Some time during my studies in Shanghai, I really fell in love with all things Asian," she says. "My long-time followers know how obsessed I am with anything cute and Asian inspired!"

    She also sells designer items like these $45 sunglass chains and this hideous $400 dog leash. Go figure.

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