Kim trying to lie her way out of a major photoshop fail is worse than the actual photoshop fail


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Kim trying to lie her way out of a major photoshop fail is worse than the actual photoshop fail

Girl, just own it!!!!

Kim Kardashian is a celeb known for uploading high quality edited photos. We suspend our disbelief over the perfect contour of her ass and abs just like when we watch a sci-fi movie. The principle is really the same: as long as we can't see the wires, we're happy to pretend it's real.

But to err is human, and to accidentally crush a car to make your waist look snatched is Kardashian.

Just before she went to fight the power at the March for Our Lives protest, Kim had to get a good photo in for the 'gram because like, pics or it didn't happen.

What do you notice about the objects in the background?

‪Let’s March! @AMarch4OurLives @EveryTown (Wear Orange) ? BACKGRID

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Mar 24, 2018 at 7:15am PDT

Yeah, the car is a little, um, smushed. And the curb curves in a way the city planner did not design. You get the idea: Kim FaceTuned her picture to fuck and did a poor job of it to boot.

But instead of her taking the high road and admitting to her poor editing skills, Kim "came clean" about the fuck up. She ~~revealed~~~ via her app (which you have to pay for, btw) that in actuality, a fan had edited the image of the cinched car and curved pavement from the mirror effect placed over the picture and she just reposted it.

I get it. We all edit! But you have people for that, girl! You also have people for quality control on your personal Instagram account, so I wonder why they didn't call you out before your fans had to:

The original pic does indeed look un-cinched, and as a result, she disabled her comments to mute the haters. The photo is still up, though, because fail or no fail, the bitch looks good.

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