We bet you can’t pass this quiz about your own vagina


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We bet you can’t pass this quiz about your own vagina

It’s probably time to head back to health class

Are you guys ever just sitting around when you realize you have a big-ass hole in your body, or is it just me? I feel like I'm still shocked every time I think about my vagina. And I can't tell if this shock is because I live in a sexless society where they don't teach you shit about your body in school, or if it's because vaginas are just so fucking weird in a surreal way.

I'm not trying to be like some women's studies professor who wears vulva-shaped earrings telling you your body is soooo cool, but I am gonna tell you that there's lots of stuff going on down there that you might not know about.

How well do you know your vagina, really? Take this quiz to find out. And if you have a boyfriend, pass it on to him so you both remember he DON'T KNOW SHIT:

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