We worked up the courage to try Instagram’s latest hair trend and . . . kinda fell in love with it?


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We worked up the courage to try Instagram’s latest hair trend and . . . kinda fell in love with it?

Don’t knock it ’til you try it

Recently, it seems like style doesn't know what decade it wants to be in. While we're wearing metallics out of the 70s and neons out of the 80s, we're also seeing a resurgence of of 90s looks with matrix glasses, matching sets, and now: Hair clips.

Celebrities everywhere have been seen clipping back their bangs with barrettes like you did in the second grade. But they make it look… chic. Don't believe me?

Here's Selena Gomez wearing a baby bob and two perfectly-placed clips that match her earrings

Vogue called this look "a stroke of hair genius" instead of a fashion faux paux, so it look's like we're officially supposed to take our hair back to 1995.

And here's Victoria's Secret Angel, Elsa Hosk, rocking a similar look

Which accentuates her perfect brows, face, and turtleneck, may I add.


Of course, the style has caught on with Instagram influencers

Here's the founder of HNC beauty wearing a similar look, with her hair clipped slightly higher.


And another IG influencer wearing the exact same look.


And everyone is experimenting with how to style such a basic accessory

This blogger is layering different clips and holding back only half of her hair. A revolutionary, I stg.


It's pretty easy to secure this trend for yourself

You can buy basic colored barrettes for like $3 on Amazon, or you can pick them up from basically any convenience store.

If you're looking for something a little more ~adventurous~, you can buy a fuck ton of barrettes in different colors on Amazon for $7. Think of the possibilities!

You can even get different shapes to look 'baby girl chic.'

Since it's so easy to try, I decided to give the trend a shot and try to make it an official *thing* in the babe office

I was a little nervous, because I honestly haven't worn a middle part since like, the fifth grade. I tried a few different styles and settled on this.

Everyone actually… loved it. Caroline even decided to steal my clips and give it a try

That sneaky bitch!!

We've decided this is the easiest way to elevate our look… ever

And it keeps the fly-aways out of our face — perfect for those of us who have to walk in the wind & can't stand when hair gets in our fucking lip gloss. 10/10, highly recommend. Just don't let your mom see — she'll be pulling out the baby pictures ?.

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