We asked girls about being walked-in on and got some CRAZY hot stories about risky sex


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We asked girls about being walked-in on and got some CRAZY hot stories about risky sex

To everyone who gets it on at their parents’ house… we salute you

Everyone has had sex in some…questionable places. And I don't mean daring sex for the sake of getting turned on like a freaqqi exhibitionist. I mean we've all been in some sticky spots in which we need it now, wherever it can happen. Whether it's fucking in a car or getting it on in your parents' house, risky sexual experiences always invite the opportunity for someone to accidentally sneak a peek.

We asked girls for their interrupted hook-up horror stories and I'm honestly scarred for life, but it also makes me miss the rush of fucking in my boyfriend's SUV. Except for banging my head into the armrests. I don't miss that.


I wasn't sexually active until my senior year of high school. I'm an only child, so I would bring my senior year boyfriend over whenever my parents were going to be gone for long periods of time. We were usually uninterrupted. But once, my mom came home HOURS early from a work event and walked in on this guy absolutely nailing me with his fingers. I was sprawled out on his lap, and she saw absolutely everything. I started crying and we didn't talk for days.


I hooked up with a guy at his place. His roommate wasn’t going to be home until much later, so we got started in the living room. The music was so loud, the lights were dim and we were so into it that we didn’t even hear the roommate open the door and come inside. But we did hear keys being slammed onto the table. We both looked him dead in the eye. Then, my guy decided it would be the perfect time to introduce me to his roommate…with me under him.


My brother walked in when I lost my virginity. I was on top, completely naked. I've never wanted to die before, but I wanted to die then.


I was 17 and dating my high school boyfriend. We were young and horny and couldn't have sex at either of our parent's houses because they were always home — we decided to break into an abandoned quarry and do it there. Little did I know, this spot was really popular for people to come and drink and smoke or whatever. As we were in full swing, some drunk kid comes stumbling through the woods looking for a place to pee. I had my dress pushed up so I was mostly covered, but I was still incredibly mortified. He definitely saw us.


I was on a break from college and staying at my then-boyfriend's parents' house. We were in his room that he shares with his brothers and at first, we were just hanging out. I was trying on different clothes for him, and he got horny from it. So he bent me over (with our clothes still on) and started railing me from behind. It was so hot, and SO FUN. But like 30 seconds into his fucking, his 10-year-old brother opened the door and shrieked at the top of his lungs. He ran downstairs and told his mom “John was violating Harper!!!” My boyfriend's mom made him sit down in a room with his little brother, apologize, and tell him that he was not violating me.


I was at a party in college at my hook-up's house. Like most nights, we left the festivities at like 11 p.m. to go fuck. I came with a group of friends, and they all knew I was getting with him so I didn't think anyone would come looking. But of course, one of my friends wandered into the room while she was absolutely blackout. But instead of leaving, she just stood there in like, shock, while his dick was literally inside me. I had to crawl out from under him and push her out the door, then lock it. She went and told everyone what position we were in. I'm still mad.


In high school, I was hooking up with this really hot football player in the back of his truck. We were in an inconspicuous parking lot at like an old shopping mall. It was the middle of the night. I was pretty close to naked and giving him a blowjob when a police officer walked up WITH A FLASHLIGHT. He shined it on us, and yelled through the window that we needed to leave.


My ex lived at his parents' house during college so we hooked up there pretty routinely. Once, we had just got done having sex, and were naked on his childhood bed. His mom opened the door and I have never pulled the covers over me so fast. She saw us naked, slammed the door, and yelled through the door: "I didn't know Stephanie was here!" and "What the fuck are you doing?" So mortifying.


I was having sex with my boyfriend who lived with his parents, and his dad just barged in and starting asking what we wanted for dinner. The guy just pulled the blanket up and had a conversation with his dad while still inside me. It was kinda hot?


My high school boyfriend's parents weren't home so we decided to hook-up in his basement. We were making out and he took my top off. As he was sucking on my nipples, his 23 year old brother walked-in. I literally yelped and bent down to cover my chest. I was facing him and everything. It was terrible.


When I was younger, my ex-boyfriend and I would always hook up at his house. He couldn't shut his door so we just left it cracked. I was giving him a handjob when his mom walked in to borrow his computer. Even though we were getting into it, she still went and used the computer like nothing was happening. I hid my face in the pillow for what felt like forever. I was mortified regardless if she really saw and realized what happened.

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