Come look at these models and tell me if you think they’re ‘plus-size’ because I SURE! AS! HELL! DON’T!


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Come look at these models and tell me if you think they’re ‘plus-size’ because I SURE! AS! HELL! DON’T!

What sizes are they even wearing???

Any time I’m online shopping, I look forward to seeing the cutest tops, shortest of dresses and the most flattering of designs—but on my body type.

Boohoo is one of the few places my curvy girls have to shop for clothes that are stylish and right for our bodies. I really thought Boohoo got it. Well, until this completely aggravating lapse in judgement.

Online shoppers (including me, hi!) are furious that Boohoo's plus-size section is now filled with women that look that this:

Size 6-8 is plus, did you know? Just like this GINORMOUS thickie who could never fit into any straight-sized clothing if her life depended on it:

If this is what's considered plus-size then what the hell am I?

A model on a clothing site is meant to be representative and an aspirational image of whoever's receiving the product. Plain and simple: If you're selling to plus-size women, then show plus-size women the shit they're purchasing on a plus-size woman.

It's been unsettling to see the Boohoo "plus-size" models rep my women for a while now, but Twitter has finally peeped the struggle:

As to be expected, there was that one person arguing for fat women to just lose weight

There's clearly still a lot of fatphobia going on here — and if brands like ASOS and even Good American can get hip to using various-sized models to represent different sized clothing, then so can every other retailer.

It's not up to us to beg for ways in which to give them money.

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