Here’s how to help Lauren’s Law pass the Oklahoma Senate


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Here’s how to help Lauren’s Law pass the Oklahoma Senate

‘I’m ready to take on the Senate’

On March 7, Lauren's Law, which was co-written by 17-year-old Lauren Atkins, passed the Oklahoma House Floor. The bill (HB2743) would require teaching staff and administrators to take a training program on consent and healthy relationships to then educate their students.

Babe told Lauren's story about being raped while unconscious in November 2017. Read it here.

Lauren's Law will soon be read in the Oklahoma Senate Education Committee. This is how you can help get it passed

Yes All Daughters, an advocacy group for victims of sexual violence and bullying, is urging people to contact Oklahoma senators to ask them to vote yes on Lauren's Law.

Follow this link to find a list of all senators' contact details including a phone number and email, as well as the suggested script. We have also pasted the script below:

Dear Senator___________,

My name is______________ and I’m asking you to vote yes on House Bill 2734 in the Senate Education Committee Meeting. I’m from__________ and this is personal to me because______________. I believe this bill is vital to protecting our children and/or me.

Thank you for your time,

First and last name

*Optional: include your address and phone number. You don’t have to include your contact information, however it will remind your legislator that you are a voter and are the reason they have job.

You can also donate to Yes All Daughters here. All proceeds will go to getting Lauren's Law passed in Oklahoma.

babe will continue to report on the progress of Lauren's Law.

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