Revealed: We found embarrassing videos of Tomi Lahren before she got plastic surgery


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Revealed: We found embarrassing videos of Tomi Lahren before she got plastic surgery

Experts told us she probably had a TON of work done

Tomi Lahren, as we know, used to look a little different before she was on Fox News spewing far-right bile about Black Lives Matter. And footage uncovered by babe today reveal just how much her face has changed into the porcelain hate-spout it is today.

When she was a student at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas five years ago, she hosted a campus TV news program called The Scramble (don't watch it, it's a student show and thus sucks ass). Last week, as her high school photos resurfaced, people on Twitter pointed out that Lahren looked like a "garden variety gremlin" and a "I fuck my cousin lookin ass bitch."

They also pointed out that Lahren looked so different that she must have had plastic surgery at some point between that photo and ranting about Beyoncé and Colin Kaepernick. The photos and videos we found from her time in college would agree.

So we asked two plastic surgeons, both leading experts in their field, to find out for certain – has Tomi Lahren had surgery?

"There are a number of changes noted to her face which appear to be the result of cosmetic procedures," says Dr Gregory Buford, a top plastic surgeon based in Denver. "Starting with the middle third of her face, her eyes look more open and the jelly roll (banding) to her lower lids is gone. This is most likely the result of Botox to the lower lids which effectively softens this banding and smooths the lower lid area."

Buford told babe he believes Lahren may have had Botox injected into her brows or a surgical brow lift, because "her eyes are certainly more open and with much less hooding than before."

  • Both Buford and Dr Sean Lille, a plastic surgeon from Scottsdale, Arizona, agree Lahren has probably had a nose job. Looking at the difference between photos of her in college and photos today, Lille said: "It appears she had a tip rhinoplasty."

    Lille did say that her teeth were probably seen to – whitening and possibly dental work. He was unsure if Lahren had work done on her chin, lips or jaw, but Buford suggested she may have had fillers to lengthen her jawline. "She also has a more refined chin point which could either be the result of injectable filler to this area or a formal chin implant," he added.

  • "The difference between college and Fox is that she has a great makeup artist," Lille said.

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