People are seriously raising money for a woman who said Stephon Clark deserved to die


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People are seriously raising money for a woman who said Stephon Clark deserved to die

Why is racism getting rewarded?

The white nurse who said Stephon Clark, the unarmed black man shot to death by Sacramento Police, "deserved it" has raised $25,000 on GoFundMe. Faith Linthicum lost her job after she posted on Instagram: "Yeah but he was running from the police jumping over fences and breaking in peoples houses…why run??!!! He deserved it for being stupid."

Clark was shot by cops eight times in the back. He died in his grandmother's backyard.

Linthicum's fundraising account has now raised tens of thousands of dollars.

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Faith Linthicum's GoFundMe

"I was recently fired from my job as a nurse at Kaiser Permanente for exercising my First Amendment right to free speech," Linthicum wrote. "I am a proud supporter of this great Country, the First Amendment, the rule of law, and law enforcement."

She said that she was "not a hateful or discriminatory person," claiming: "As a person of faith, and a nurse, I love all people and treat everyone equally. Kaiser Permanente fired me without any investigation, and without giving me an opportunity to explain or defend myself."

People are questioning why Linthicum was able to raise so much money after her post. Activist and reporter Shaun King wrote: "White supremacy is posting online that Stephon Clark, an unarmed Black man shot and killed by police in his own backyard 'deserved to die' then having 575 people donate $25,000 to support you after you got fired for saying such an ugly thing."

A counter-petition has been set up to raise money for the Southern Poverty Law Center. "Please consider donating to a charity like the SPLC who fights hate instead of spreading it," wrote the creator. "I wouldn't feel comfortable with this lady treating anyone because of her beliefs." So far, it has raised over $4000.