This girl says she tried to take a cute selfie and accidentally filmed a man trying to drug her friend — but Twitter is skeptical


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This girl says she tried to take a cute selfie and accidentally filmed a man trying to drug her friend — but Twitter is skeptical

Watch and decide for yourself

There's no question that drug-facilitated sexual assault — meaning "the administration of an anesthesia-type drug to render a victim physically incapacitated or helpless and thus incapable of giving or withholding consent" — is a problem. But there are some pretty valid questions about whether or not this video of a woman's drink getting drugged is authentic.

Twitter user @Jaeda_sky posted the video in question on Wednesday, which appears to show a man dropping… something into the drink of her female friend, while the two women take a selfie-style video together.

"I’ll never understand how a dude can be so wack with no game and feel the need to be such a disgusting predator," her caption reads. "Ladies watch your drinks! Watch her cup ???"

The alleged drugging occurs around ten seconds into the video, and although you might need to watch it a few times, you can pretty clearly see the guy in question putting his hand into the woman's drink.

Incriminating, right?

Obviously, people on Twitter were outraged — because that's what Twitter is for, and because if this video is real it's an egregious example of an all-too-common predatory behavior.

According to the Justice Department, there are no "conclusive estimates" on how often drug-facilitated sexual assault takes place, because victims don't always know they've been drugged which means many don't go through the official reporting process. The Justice Department does, however, say it has reason to believe the number of these kinds of assaults are on the rise.

And some of the drugs most commonly used to incapacitate victims, like GHB and ketamine, are notoriously difficult to detect after the fact, because the body processes them so quickly.

So in one scenario, this video shows an attempt at an underreported, but alarmingly common, type of sexual violence — one that @Jadea_sky said later her friend noticed and avoided.

But some people are calling the video a fake — even suggesting that it's just a joke filmed between friends.

People pointed to different video frames, where it didn't appear that the apparent perpetrator was holding… anything.

The woman who originally posted the video hasn't responded to any detractors or our requests for comment, so the authenticity of the video remains undetermined.

But if this was a joke, or a stunt for Twitter clout, then it's definitely not funny — because it's a rape joke. And we all know that rape jokes are trash.

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