Here’s how to take your skincare routine from winter to spring reeeeal quick


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Here’s how to take your skincare routine from winter to spring reeeeal quick

No more double moisturizing, please

2018 is the year we're all trying to get good dick, fat bank accounts, and even fatter asses. But most importantly, 2018 is the year of CLEAR SKIN.

In the winter, we baby our skin with product after product to protect it from drying out in the cold. But with spring bringing us all out of hibernation like a fucking cartoon bear, it's time to opt out of that heavy-duty cold weather regimen and replace it with a whole new springtime routine.

Here's how to take your skin from winter to spring without any breakouts or blemishes. I promise. Kinda.

Switch out your heavy moisturizer for something light

Cold weather equals dry skin. It's a FACT. And in the winter, you can catch me slathering on the thiccest of moisturizers from head to toe to keep my skin from drying out. As the weather warms up, heavy moisturizers are only going to lead to extra oil buildup, and that's a breakout just waiting to happen.

Gel or water based moisturizers are key for warm weather, and help you achieve glowy skin perfect for summer. The "I'm a broke college student and / or I just burnt all my money at Urban" approved First Aid Beauty's Hello Fab Coconut Water Cream and Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Water Gel are your go-to moisturizers this season.

Vitamin C serums are your secret weapon

Vitamin C is not only good in your diet but on your skin, too. It boosts the production of collagen in skin, meaning it's a great tool in the fight against aging — especially from sun damage. It's also an antioxidant and helps fade spots from blemishes and discoloration. Since you'll be wearing less caked-on makeup and more sunglasses this spring, you'll definitely want to be getting rid of any spots on your face that make you look lesser than a Kardashian-Jenner.

“#DrunkElephant's #CFirma Serum claims to reduce the the appearance of dark spots, brighten skin and help with elasticity. While I don’t have problems with the latter, I do struggle with the other two. In the past I have tried to avoid Drunk Elephant like the plague. I couldn’t imagine a skincare company doing anything different than the others. I bit the bait and swallowed my words. After using the C-Firma for over two weeks I have noticed a huge difference. Every time I use this product I notice how much smoother and brighter my skin looks. I start the day with healthy, dewy and glowing skin. I’ve used a lot of vitamin c’s and none of them can do what the C-Firma serum does! I will always repurchase this!” – @indulgentskin #drunkinlove

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If you're feeling bougie, Drunk Elephant's C-Firma Day Serum is one of the best Vitamin C serums out there. Otherwise, any lil bottle of Vitamin C serum will do the trick!

Shed your skin's winter coat with a liquid exfoliator

Everyone knows exfoliating is key to good skin, and chemical exfoliators are the next big thing. Products like Glossier's Solution chemically dissolve all the dead skin you've built up during a winter of lotion and moisturizing face masks.

2018 skincare goals ✨

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With daily use of a liquid exfoliator, you'll see smaller pores, reduced redness and have more control over your acne and blackheads. Perfect for bare faced days at the beach. On top of that, expect your skin to feel and look smoother.

A balancing toner is essential

Now that it's spring time, we exfoliate AND tone. If you're looking to even out your skin, a balancing toner should be a part of your daily skincare routine. Using a toner every day will help fade any marks left from old blemishes and acne scars, as well as help to control redness. Good. I want to be tan, not red.

When picking out a product, it's important to base your decision on your skin type. If you have dry to normal skin, it's recommended that you use a toner, as they help hydrate by drawing water into the skin.

For oily or combination skin, choose an astringent instead of a toner. While both do the same job, astringents are designed to draw out extra oil from the skin — perfect if you're prone to break outs.

If you're trying to secure the bag, not spend it, try out The Body Shop's Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner. If you have a little more cash, try out Origins' United State Toner.

Water is your actual best friend, especially on the beach

I guarantee you've heard this one before. "Drink water!" is the skincare advice everyone blessed with clear skin swears by. While drinking more water isn't all you need to find clearer skin, it's definitely not bullshit.

Having trouble fitting the recommended amount of water into your daily routine? Into the Gloss recommends enticing yourself with prettier glassware, so go ahead and buy yourself that fancy new S'well bottle you told yourself you didn't need!

Prep for summer sun with SPF

After years of sunscreen meaning the thick, greasy paste your mom would slather all over you at the beach, you probably think no one in their right mind would apply sunscreen daily, much less all over your face.


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But the sunscreens of today are designed to be extra lightweight and oil free. You should've been wearing sunscreen all winter, but you DEFINITELY want to start wearing it now that you're going to be spending more time in the sun. A popular face SPF is Glossier's Invisible Shield — it's light on your face AND your wallet.

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