Do you know the sick, sad world your favorite Degrassi actors are living in now?


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Do you know the sick, sad world your favorite Degrassi actors are living in now?

Well, everyone but Drake

At the time Degrassi: The Next Generation aired on TV, my parents tried to prohibit my eyes from taking in the drugs, underage drinking, teen pregnancy and unprecedented number of violent disasters that befell the tiny Canadian high school.

But like any poorly-behaved child would, I awoke in the wee hours of the night to watch the reruns of drama unfold.

After scamming Drake out of a dollar, I wondered if the rest of the Degrassi cast was still able to make bank. So I took a deep dive into their Instagram accounts to find out just how poor the rest of them are in comparison to Champagne Papi.

Just letting you know, this was the best and last Degrassi generation worth talking about. I don't have a clue about the Netflix trash they call Degrassi that they keep trying to push. Anyway, here we go:

Cassie Steele a.k.a Manny

I think Cassie Steele is one of the most successful cast members of Degrassi next to Drake. She's been hot since age 14, so she had no option other than to glow the fuck up.

Cassie doesn't do too much besides splattering her feed with #sponcon. However, those Degrassi days made her popular enough to carry the blue badge of verification which is all you can really ask for.

Still feeling the spice girls

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She's pretty boring for the most part (that's just me, sorry), but the girl is a certified thirst-trapper and one of the few Degrassi stars with verification. Then again, how can you not give her the credits she deserves when you're a skinny legend with cheeks this cut?

Just a girl in her @choniesbrand 👍🏼

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Gettin' comfy in my @choniesbrand !!!🍰🎄💋✌️️

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And her sister Alexa, who played Craig's half-sister, is just as hot now

Orange is the new black @visualieta

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Despite Alexa's small role as Angie, she's grown into a sex pistol and a paid Instagram model. I can only dream of getting paid to post pics of myself, but I mean, can you blame her? She's literally Cassie's twin.

#sistersunday 👭

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Jake Epstein a.k.a Craig Manning

Jake's got just a little over a thousand followers (yes, you read that right), but has no posts at all to show for it. It's sad to see him lose some of his hotness in his corny dad years, but he is in fact still acting. You can catch the former heartthrob on ABC's Designated Survivor as FBI agent Chuck Wells:

Melissa Mcintyre a.k.a Ashley

Finding Melissa on Instagram wasn't easy. There are like 457 other rando accounts with the same name, and the real Melissa doesn't even use her full name as an Instagram handle.

It makes sense that I had trouble finding her, though, because her feed sucks. All she really posts are her cat and dog, and really horrendous food pics:

She loves me yeah yeah yeah

A post shared by Melissa McIntyre (@melmac63) on

Find the poodle bum

A post shared by Melissa McIntyre (@melmac63) on

She doesn't post often which is why I almost have a bigger following than her measly 2K following. It's pretty clear that she's not looking for any sort of come up after her generation of Degrassi ended. I completely respect her decision, but her feed is making my aesthetic-trained eyes bleed.

Christina Schmidt, a.k.a Terri

Christina is no longer the insecure girl she was back when Rick (the guy who shot Drake) put her character in a coma. Since her drifting away from Canadian childhood stardom, she's become a blogger — and a really good one at that. Her About page says she's an international model and lifestyle influencer who's still based in Toronto.

Just like her character, she became a model! Let's be honest, though: Terry was always one of the most gorgeous girls that was cast on the show.

Christina still has some thighs on her (which I fucking looooove) but she's gotten even more beautiful with age.

Lauren Collins a.k.a Paige


A post shared by @ degrassitngthrowbacks on

Iconic bitch Paige/Lauren is cashing those Insta ad checks as a brand ambassador for PCA Skin.

ATTN skin obsessed followers! After a very indulgent holiday, my skin has managed to stay on track thanks to the wonders of #retinol. I can’t recommend this product enough. BUT- Retinol is NO JOKE. So here are my 3 tips for introducing it into your routine: 1. Patience! Ease into it. Start with once a week and see how your skin reacts. Then, as you build tolerance, increase to 2-3 times per week. 2. Hydrate! Especially with these sub zero temps, a great moisturizer is key (I use @pcaskin clearskin packed with niacinamide). 3. SPF! Whether you are vacationing down south or feel like you haven’t seen the sun in weeks, a daily SPF is crucial with any Retinol cream! #ad #brandambassador @pcaskincanada @salient_medical . . . . . #pcaskin #skincare #clearskin #beauty #PCAprosknow #skincareaddict #instabeauty #instaskincare

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Shenae Grimes-Beech a.k.a Darcy

Shenae is not really working in entertainment anymore, but is making a her mark as a blogger with her own site called Lost in Lala. I don't actually know what it's about as it doesn't seem to have an actual theme other than Shenae herself.

Sarah Barrable-Tishauer a.k.a Liberty


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IRL Sarah in 2018 is way cooler than her know-it-all character on Degrassi. Instead of acting, she chose a more traditional career in marketing. Her life consists of wearing sick lewks from the 80s, dressing up in alien wear, attending music festivals and promoting other brands for pay.

Adamo Ruggiero a.k.a Marco


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Gay icon Adamo is probably the most normal one of the bunch. His bio even states that he's an ex-child star. I admire the fact that he still continues to plug his shit from the past despite being regular degular gay dude. He's one of the few male F-lister celebs with a decent looking feed.

Now that he's off his teen angst pedestal, he spends his time traveling and taking group pics while antiquing with his friends.

Gay Antiquing with the pute squad. @cripstopher @salva_terrore @russlessless #aberfoyle

A post shared by Adamo Ruggiero (@adamoaruggiero) on

fam jam ⛱

A post shared by Adamo Ruggiero (@adamoaruggiero) on

Miriam McDonald a.k.a Emma


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Despite having a name straight out of the 1700s, Miriam is just a regular degular shmegular thottie on the 'gram.

Come back to me, Summer ☀️

A post shared by Miriam McDonald (@miriamkatherine26) on

It seems as though Miriam took to retirement from the acting game. She has no management company listed in her Instagram bio to contact her for collaboration, but she's managed to nab over 80K followers. I don't know why she's not verified because with that number of minions, she could begin building an empire of Miriamatics.

From ❄️to👙in 24 hours

A post shared by Miriam McDonald (@miriamkatherine26) on

I don't know if she owns genuine clothes, but more than 60 percent of her feed is pictures of her in a bikini or her shirts just don't fit. She might even be able to compete on the runway with Kendall and Gigi.

Won't let the rain get me down 👙

A post shared by Miriam McDonald (@miriamkatherine26) on

Though no other Degrassi kids found success like Wheelchair Jimmy, they seem to be doing okay. Which is kind of surprising because most child stars end up coked out and in jail, so big ups to them.

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