Twitter is dragging this girl for her stupid-ass, Trump-inspired graduation pics


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Twitter is dragging this girl for her stupid-ass, Trump-inspired graduation pics

You MUST see this trash

I genuinely thought that over a year into his bumass presidency, not a single soul in the country liked Donald Trump anymore. Like, he has fucked up on so many accounts and screwed over so many people, I figured even the white supremacists would have found some reason to hate him.

But of course, I was wrong. A gun-toting, soon-to-be college grad is getting dragged all over my TL for her Trump-supporting graduation pictures. Her name is Brenna, she's a student at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, and she doesn't take ~*~normal~*~ grad pics.

Yeah, you obviously DON'T take normal graduation photos, Brenna. Only psychopathic ones. Like, she managed to look like a J. Crew ad, school shooter, and Hope Hicks all at once. Her blog is called "Politics, Freedom, Faith," so I don't really know what I was expecting.

Thankfully, she's getting absolutely obliterated online for her blatant disregard for other humans and inaccurate belief that guns don't cause this nation a metric fuckton of harm.

Some people just got straight to the point: this mess needs to be knocked down a peg

While some people pointed out a… scary similarity between her and Tammí Lamborghini

Others were just like… lady, you're DUMB

The whole thing kinda definitely turned into the best meme of the weekend

And even viral accounts were dragging the fuck out of her

Honestly, Brenna is getting what she deserves for posing with a Trump shirt and a disturbingly unstable looking bridge. It's not my fault she's a racist who knows nothing about infrastructure! I have no pity, tbh.

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