Shay Mitchell is under fire for stealing photos and passing them off as her own for a fake travel blog


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Shay Mitchell is under fire for stealing photos and passing them off as her own for a fake travel blog

Hold the obvious joke, please

Apparently life imitates art, because primetime-actress-turned-marginally-successful-Youtuber Shay Mitchell is one pretty little liar — and possibly a thief, too.

Style Caster reported the 30-year-old lifestyle blogger steals photos captured by others, and posts them to her own Instagram as if she took them herself:

First, she 'borrowed' a picture from Canon's website to pretend she was abroad

Image may contain: Urban, Town, High Rise, City, Building, Apartment Building

This picture is originally from Club Canon's blog, but Shay passed it off as own. What's creepier is she might not have even been in China at that time.

Then she stole a picture from a location and couldn't even get the country right

When buildings inspire your next nail polish change 💅🏼 #pastels

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This image was actually taken in 2014 by photographer Jan Vranovsky and posted to her Tumblr account. The real gag is this was shot in Tokyo, Japan—not China. Get it together, Shay! If you're gonna plagiarize a pic, make sure you know where the shot was taken.

Then she started screenshotting photos directly from other Instagrams

This image was from an account called shanghainowandthen. Did she really think she could pull a fast one on us and let us think she was a regular Nigel Barker? Guess again, girl.

* Jingan Temple, Shanghai *

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And she it wasn't even beyond her to take a pic from a hotel group

SHANGHAI 📸: Pinterest

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While I get that this picture could be sourced from Pinterest (as she credits it in the caption), it doesn't take much to click on a pin to find out where the original came from. The actual photo was taken for the tourism page by the Pullman Hotel in Shanghai. But hey, do your thing, Shay! Miscredit, away!

She also 'shared' this pic whose origins is a tourism website

Terracotta Army : Xi’an via tumblr

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My Little Adventure is where Shay found this image and posted it, again crediting the image as being a Tumblr pic. This isn't entirely inappropriate, as she was physically in China at that point, but why wouldn't she just use her own damn photos?!

I don't want to say all of her pics from China are total theft, but I will say that this is kind of bullshit. If appropriately credited by someone as relevant as Shay, it could be a real boost to some photographers' careers. At the very least, they'd get some Insta followers out of it. Shay, you really suck.

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