These vitiligo vixens will make you never want to conceal your imperfections again


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These vitiligo vixens will make you never want to conceal your imperfections again

Hint: They’re all hot!

As my sister and I were raving over the fact that supermodel Winnie Harlow got her start on America's Next Top Model, she was literally admitting to her jealousy of Harlow's spotty skin due to her vitiligo.

There's just something about this skin condition that make women look even hotter. These vitiligo vixens rock the genetic skin condition so well we just mistake it for the new fake freckles trend:

Lauren Elyse

O R A N G E 🍊 C R U S H •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• February’s coming to a close and I’m already in the mood to do some springy looks with yellows and oranges 🧡💛 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• @katvondbeauty • “Star” eyeshadow (Pastel Goth Palette) • “A-Go-Go” lip liner on eyes • “Underage Red” liquid lipstick as mascara • Metal Crush Highlighter in “Gamma Ray” @maccosmetics • MAC x Jeremy Scott Acoustica Palette to contour • MAC x Jeremy Scott Lo-Fi eyeshadow palette @covergirl • Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation @sugarpill • “Flamepoint” eyeshadow on eyes // mixed with “Star” on cheeks @anastasiabeverlyhills • Nicole G Glowkit in “Daydream” @fentybeauty • “Saw-C” lipstick @benefitcosmetics • Precisely, My Brow Pencil + 24HR Brow Setter

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Lauren Elyse shares no insecurities whatsoever when it comes to the vitiligo around her eyes. Instead, she incorporates it as an added layer of fabulousness to her sickening face beat. She pretty much never covers it up in her photos as it almost looks like an intentional use of lighter foundation. Either way, she's gorgeous with and without the makeup.

Ash Soto

One of my favorites – viti #powerpuffgirls 🦋💕👊🏻

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Ash Soto literally turns her body into a work of art, outlining her vitiligo in different colors, turning it into a masterpiece. Her body could literally stand in an art museum and I'd be mesmerized for hours.

It's no secret that the girl's creative, as she's making her skin condition look like a world map. Ash has almost 160,000 followers and for good reason. Her vitiligo is her Instagram aesthetic and it's lowkey the best way for her to commit a thirst trap and no one could really say shit to her about it because her body is something out of MOMA.

One of my favorites 🌎❤️

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Leriece Sewmungal

Babe spoke to Lereice and she shared how the first spot she found at 13 didn't bother her until she was told to "wipe it off" by a teacher. "She told me to press and wipe my lips until it was gone. About ready to cry I explained to be her why my lips are likes this."

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She learned to accept it after listening to a song called Fallen Angels by Black Veil Brides. "My confidence isn't only for myself, but it is to encourage everyone and anyone to feel confident about themselves." She said. "Seeing them take inspiration from me made me feel that this is my purpose in life, to be the confidence that builds more confidence."

Yvette Mari

🐍 #babesofmissguided

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Yvette is literally my thick thirst trapping vitiligo queen. She shows she has no fear of judgment for her discoloration because in nearly every one of her Instagram pictures, she's bringing it in two-piece bathing suits and body suits. While some people are busy ogling her spots, I'm too busy drooling over this snatched waist of hers. No wonder the girl's got over 24,000 followers. I can only dream.

Mariah Perkins

Mariah literally looks like the missing Bratz doll because she's that gorgeous. She was first presented to the world in a video by Barcroft TV when she decided at the age of 21 that she would no longer cover up her white patches and face with tons of makeup. Her glo-up was pretty much inevitable even with the lack of pigmentation.

Tanesha Brown

Tanesha was also featured by Barcroft TV as she experienced bullying for her vitiligo and was called a ‘Dalmatian’. However, she's seriously making her haters look dumb as hell because her looks are drop dead gorgeous and uses her condition to empower women. Once she was pregnant at age 20 Tanesha finally started to embrace what made her different. Who could stop looking at her gorgeous face. If anything, her vitiligo just makes her look cuter.

Aiesha Robinson

Aisha has been featured in many different projects due to the contrast her skin condition brings out. Her dark skin opposite her pale spots is literally an aesthetic that would get me hella engagement. She's been featured as one of the #babesofmissguided in the brand's "Keep on Being You" campaign and she's honestly breathtaking in this photo:

Genesis Castillo

Babe also spoke with the Venezualan blogger about her experience living with vitiligo. "My family and friends have always been my greatest support. On the other hand, people who didn't know me would look at me with some displeasure or discomfort," she said.

Genesis explained that she saw a psychologist to overcome her insecurities. After a while,though, she stopped going. "One day, I woke up and began to think that life is very short and I couldn't pass mine by because of this condition," she said, "my inspiration was myself." We all need to take notes and be our own inspiration like Genesis.

Iomikoe Johnson

I don't know what it is, but it seems every girl with vitiligo has skin that looks as smooth as butter and I'm getting a little green becuase of it, and Iomikoe is no exception. She labels herself "The Vitiligo Goddess" and I can't say I blame her because she's a beaut!

She noticed the first spot when she was 25. According to the Daily Mail she said she worried about being bullied for being "two different colours" after already dealing with kids teasing her for her dark skin.

Iomikoe told The Daily Mail that it took an hour a day to cover her spots with makeup and strictly wear long sleeves. "It was painful and devastating I even thought of taking my own life many times, but I had kids which kept me going," she said.

Despite having this lack of pigmented skin, these girls are all sex pistols who could literally steal the spotlight from any of us basic non vitiligo bitches. But let's not appropriate skin conditions and start making this a trend, please. Just leave it to these actual vitiligo vixens.

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