Taylor Swift inspired an insane Swiftie to ROB A BANK


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Taylor Swift inspired an insane Swiftie to ROB A BANK

Look what you made him do!

Listen, I like Taylor Swift a normal amount. I buy her albums so I can discuss them Twitter, I like her Instagram posts when they involve her adorable cats, and I'll read some shit about her in a magazine. I do admit, though, I get a little bit scared by her crazy fans. You know, the ones who camp outside Target for her limited-edition CDs or run Tumblr fan accounts. Stans in general scare me. Idk.

But honestly, I thought buying $1000 concert tickets was the craziest Swifties could get. Then, I found a guy in Connecticut that proved me ABSOLUTELY wrong.

TMZ reports a Swift fan named Brett was arrested after he ROBBED A BANK, then drove to Taylor's house to throw a bunch of stolen money at it.

He thought throwing bills at her would win her heart. Yes, seriously. As though this bitch isn't worth $280 million. She doesn't want your money, Brett! She has enough money to buy your whole-ass life!

Big reputation 😘 Photo credit: Kevin Mazur

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Here's to guessing she's not even gonna bail this motherfucker out. So fucking sad. I hope they at least give him an iPod with Look What You Made Me Do downloaded on it in jail.

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