The man accused of killing a student admits to cutting up and burning her body – but says it was just ‘kinky sex’


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The man accused of killing a student admits to cutting up and burning her body – but says it was just ‘kinky sex’

He claims he panicked after she died during sex

A man accused of killing a Texan student claims he didn't kill her, but that she died during consensual sex before he panicked, dismembered and then burned her body. Charles Bryant is currently on trial for the murder of Jacqueline Vandagriff, a 24-year-old student at Texas Women's University.

She was last seen alive in a bar with Bryant on the night she died on September 16, 2016. Footage from the bar's security cameras shows him talking to Vandagriff and then leaving at around 10 PM.

Cell phone data from 1.30 AM puts Vandagriff near Bryant's home. Court records show Bryant purchased a shovel in Walmart at 4.40 AM. She was found dead at 6:30 AM the next day in a park.

Vandagriff was discovered in a plastic children's pool believed belong to Bryant. She had been dismembered and doused with a fire accelerant and then burned – her body had to be identified by fingerprints. A witness told cops they saw a white man standing over the fire before driving away.

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Jacqueline Vandagriff

Bryant's attorney, Glynis McGinty, argued that while he did tamper with evidence, he did not murder Vandagriff. She said Vandagriff died during "kinky" sex and then Bryant panicked, which led to him setting her on fire and leaving her remains in a park.

Bryant was previously arrested twice for stalking his ex-girlfriend. A protective order described how Bryant, 31, had dated his ex, 18, before they broke up and he went to her dorm at the University of North Texas to kiss her. He was released on bail four days before he met Vandagriff in a bar.

If found guilty, Bryant will face life in prison. The trial continues.

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