Did Nicki Minaj just diss Cardi B for being a stripper in this leaked song clip?


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Did Nicki Minaj just diss Cardi B for being a stripper in this leaked song clip?

Not! On! My! Watch!

Yesterday afternoon, we were all psyched for new Nicki Minaj music when Onika posted two upcoming single covers.

But now, a preview of one song leaked on Twitter and Nicki appears to be throwing major shade at someone who worked the pole:

"I ain't never played a hoe position, I ain't never had to strip to get the pole position," Nicki sings. "You're in no position to come for O's position."

Fans aren't sure if this is about Eve or Cardi B, but Eve isn't exactly spitting bars like she used to.

It's pretty clear to me that this dig has everything to do with Cardi, seeing as she's the only other mainstream female rapper who we know used to strip. All these bars suggest to me is that Nicki feels threatened by Cardi and her place in the spotlight.

What I find interesting is how Nicki feels justified taking a dig at Cardi's stripper past considering Nicki's ass is almost everywhere on her music ads and album covers. Who is she to decide what's a "hoe position" when the very essence of Anaconda was about ass-shaking and dick-riding? Is one form of hoeism more suitable than another? Try again, girl. We know you needed a come up from your hiatus, and Cardi was an easy stepping-stone.

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