This scumbag YouTuber pretends to commit incest and pedophilia for clicks


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This scumbag YouTuber pretends to commit incest and pedophilia for clicks


Hands down the weirdest YouTuber out there right now is Carmie Sellitto, the king of horrifying clickbait. He's a young vlogger with an audience of millions on his channel touchdalight, relentlessly pushing out vile clips like My Dad Touched Me In My Sleep and 15 Year Old Porn Star. One of his videos about the video game Fortnite recently went viral – it was called 1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING WITH MY 13 YEAR OLD SISTER!!

It came on the heels of TRUTH OR DARE WITH MY LITTLE SISTER!! it featured a thumbnail of him making out with a girl while a friend looked on in horror. People struggled to understand why anyone would publish a video that baited pedophilia and incest to young fans. Sellitto, who was roasted into oblivion for his truth or dare video, looks just like another YouTuber who would do absolutely anything for clicks, even teasing fans with what is essentially underage porn. So who is this guy?

We wanted to examine who Sellitto really is, and so watched the highlights of his hateful archive to find out. It was an experience that I imagine is as pleasant as substituting mouthwash for bleach. The first thing we noticed about his videos is the obvious disconnect between how he packages them and what he actually puts in them. Check out My Opinion on Muslims – you would be forgiven for thinking that Sellitto, like a lot of other popular YouTube stars, is about to reveal His Opinion on Muslims, which is that he doesn't like them to the extent of sick-mask emoji at Osama Bin Laden.

  • The video is actually just him answering innocuous questions from fans. It barely touches on His Opinion on Muslims, and when it does, he says: "Muslims rock. Love ya. If you're watching this and you're a Muslim, keep being Muslim, because you're cool."

    By far one of most tasteless clips is EXPLORING ABANDONED CONCENTRATION CAMP!! *WARNING*. It's worse than SHE LET ME TOUCH THEM!! and I LOST MY VIRGINITY AT 13???

    This features him wandering about some old quarry in England, pretending to his viewers it's a concentration camp. "Are Jews bad people? I'm so confused right now," he tells the camera. "I just realized Jews mean Jewish. People are actually still Jewish in 2017. That's so weird."

    "This is the gas chamber where Jesus died," he adds later. "Guys, I think I just found another gas chamber." And then: "Oh my fricking God I just walked in this puddle I am not kidding."

  • Sellitto does the same fish-hooking with stomach-churning thumbnails when he posts his incest-bait videos. Kissing my cousin… has a thumbnail of him, shirtless, making out with a girl. Click on the video and instead you'll watch Sellitto run through a list of "10 ways to get your crush to like you," with him briefly kissing a girl, saying afterwards: "I love my cousin."

    Ditto the video that you might know him for, TRUTH OR DARE WITH MY LITTLE SISTER!!, which is in fact a tedious 13 minute vlog of him exploring Paris with his friends, pegged as a truth or dare game in which he kisses his sister. But he wants you to think he's actually making out with his Little Sister!!

  • The logical conclusion of all this – because the Logan Paul rule of YouTube is that eventually you will use anything for clicks, even if it's a dead body – came this week, when he posted 1 KILL = REMOVE 1 CLOTHING WITH MY 13 YEAR OLD SISTER!!

    Viewers noticed that the girl in the thumbnail is the same person who he kissed in Paris – it's clearly not his sister, and yet he's happily pimping her out for clicks as if she was.

    The video has since been taken offline, either in the face of criticism that he encouraged pedophilia or because YouTube took it down for him. In response, Sellitto posted this:

    What will he think of next!


    Sellitto has posted a faux-contrite apology video, in which he asked for forgiveness from his fans. "I'm not this weird person everyone thinks I am," he said. "I'm not a bad person, I honestly don't know what to say… My humor is so messed up to the point that I didn't know where to stop."

    "I keep saying sorry, but I genuinely am sorry about it. I really do understand why child pornography is not allowed. But in my mind I knew it wasn't child pornography because my friend is over the age of 13."

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