Megachurch pastor denies telling Nicki Minaj her kitty ‘looks mighty juicy’ on Instagram


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Megachurch pastor denies telling Nicki Minaj her kitty ‘looks mighty juicy’ on Instagram

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A top megachurch pastor has denied posting sexual comments on Nicki Minaj's Instagram. Pastor John Hagee, who is the 77-year-old leader of an international evangelical church network, said he did not go onto Nicki's Insta announcing new single Chun Li, and thirstily write: "My lord! That Kitty looks might juicy Miss Minaj! haha 👍🏻"

These extremely horny screenshots circulated yesterday, which appear to be from Pastor Hagee's official Instagram.

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Twitter guy Nasmarai, who you should all now follow, noticed Pastor Hagee's comments and wrote: "2018 pastors really wildin."

A spokesperson from Pastor Hagee's church denied that the comments were real, and told babe they were "photoshopped."

"If you scroll through the 131,000 comments you won't actually find the original there," said a rep. "Somebody made us aware of it yesterday. Obviously we checked and changed the passwords to make sure we weren't hacked. It's a photoshopped meme, if you will, or image."

When asked if it was possible that an aroused Instagram manager posted the comment with one hand and then deleted it, the rep said: "No. I know who handles Pastor Hagee's social media, they would never post something like that. It's not like a 'Oh, I thought I was posting on my private [account].' It's not. It's a very professional individual with very strong faith. It's not an accident. It's a photoshop."

haha 👍🏻

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