Bikini-clad student gets 14 years for crashing into a pregnant mom’s car while drunk and high


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Bikini-clad student gets 14 years for crashing into a pregnant mom’s car while drunk and high

‘You have shown you’re incapable of remorse, I don’t buy your crocodile tears’

A student has been sentenced to 14 years in prison after she drove while drunk and killed a man, injured his wife and caused her to miscarry. Shana Elliott, 22, was a student at Texas State when she plowed into another car after a day of drinking. She told investigators that she smoked weed and took heroin to "sober up" before getting behind the wheel, dressed only in bikini bottoms and a tank top.

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Shana Elliott

Kristian Guerrero was five months pregnant when Elliot drove into her car. She lost her baby and her husband Fabian, who was 23. At a court hearing, Guerrero told Elliott:

"I spent the past year and seven months thinking about what I would say to you. You're a monster. You have shown you're incapable of remorse, I don't buy your crocodile tears, or the sweet little innocent girl they try to portray you to be. You're not sorry for what you've done, you're sorry because it landed you right there, you're sorry because you got caught."

The legal limit of a blood alcohol level is 0.08. When she crashed, Elliott's was 0.199

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The day before the crash, Guerrero posted on Facebook about her baby. "Is this the face of a little prince or a little princess?! We can't wait to find out Sunday!"

Elliott, who was a senior studying public relations, pled guilty to intoxication assault and two counts of intoxication manslaughter. At a court date last month, she said: "I just want to say to the victim's family that I'm sorry from the deepest of my heart and I know that an apology doesn't do much, I know it doesn't, but I pray for forgiveness every day."

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