This video of a burlesque dancer eating pizza onstage is honestly better than Citizen Kane


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This video of a burlesque dancer eating pizza onstage is honestly better than Citizen Kane

I would die for her

There aren't a lot of moments in this life of sin and content that qualify as "perfect." These days, I often feel like everything is so manufactured and derivative that it's tough to truly enjoy something — or, uh, maybe I'm just depressed. Whatever.

What I'm trying to say is that this video of a dancer eating pizza onstage in one of L.A.'s most prolific burlesque clubs while the audience throws money at her made me feel genuinely happy, and I implore you to watch it.

The woman in the video is named Lilly Moon, and she's a model/dancer/artist who seems like she spends a lot of time looking sexy in front of scenic, natural vistas — living the dream, basically.

Moon told babe she's been dancing at burlesque/bikini bars for 5 or 6 years, and that she's been at this one — Jumbo's Clown Room — for around a year.

Moon said she doesn't usually eat onstage, but she does love pizza, and is known around work for eating it all the time.

"Almost every time I work I will get a slice of garlic margherita from [Garage Pizza]," Moon said. "To the point where everyone calls me 'Pizza Girl' and even my boss will show up and say 'Hi Lilly, did you get your pizza?'"

She also said she was surprised by how much attention her pizza-eating garnered, and by the positive response in the moment. "I don't eat on stage often tbh," Moon said. "I have done it at every club I've ever worked at… but never for a packed house, and I never got THAT good of a response."

Moon maintains that, contrary to what some haters have said, the video was not staged, and the pizza eating was entirely unplanned.

"I had no clue it would go the way it did," she said. "But if there's anything I want to be known for it would be eating pizza, half naked, while people throw money at me."

I would classify that as an all-time Big Mood, and Lilly Moon as an icon. God. Now I'm hungry.

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