Twitter is in LOVE with this boy who took his mom to prom for the sweetest reason


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Twitter is in LOVE with this boy who took his mom to prom for the sweetest reason

What’s his number? ?

In my lame-ass hometown in the middle of nowhere, prom was a big fucking deal. My friends and I spent months planning what we were going to wear and where we were going to take pictures. But more importantly, we spent an obsessive amount of time trying to get our crushes to ask us. Like, going to prom with a hot date was the most important thing to me for a full-ass two years. AP tests, who? I just wanted some guy I could lose my virginity to on prom night without it being hella embarrassing.

One boy from Texas is gaining Twitter clout because he brought his mom to prom

She was a teen mom who never got a prom night, until this year.

This momma's boy is named Joe, and goes to Collegiate High School in Corpus Christi. He told babe he's wanted to take his mom to prom since he found out what prom was

He's very thankful for everything she gave up for him, and just wanted to repay her.

Joe said his mom loved it and got really emotional at the end of the night

And she's not the only one. Everyone on Twitter is in tears over how sweet his gesture was

And his beautiful mom got gassed up

Honestly, they probably had a better night than most of us awkward teens trying desperately to impress our crush. I'm a little bit jealous. And Joe, if you wanna toss those digits, I know tons of girls on Twitter would take them.

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