Who is Lil Tay? Everything you need to know about the 9-year-old rapper, Lil Tay Cosgrove aka lilguccitaylor


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Who is Lil Tay? Everything you need to know about the 9-year-old rapper, Lil Tay Cosgrove aka lilguccitaylor


Lil Tay, in case you didn't know by now, was the 9-year-old rapper sighted next to Woah Vicky at Coachella. You might have been surprised to see a child getting into a fight with Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli. So who is Lil Tay? Here's everything you need to know about her.

Lil Tay is nine years old and is a rapper

She's got a video coming out with Chief Keef soon. She announced it on her Instagram and wrote: "Me and my big Bro @chieffkeeffsossa got a video on the way?? Gang Gang.. be ready."

UPDATE: This is Lil Tay's mom!

Lil Tay wants you to know she's extremely rich

Here's an example from a recent Instagram post:

  • "Ohh, Lil Tay be trapping out at six star hotels. And I got the iPhone X. What y'all broke ass bitches have? Y'all have iPhone 5. And I be drinking your college tuition bitch. Lil Tay be drinking good. I got this Gucci lint roller, this shit cost me six thou. And I be using it to brush off all your raggedy ass, hoes. This iPhone cost me two thousand bucks, what y'all know about that life? Y'all ain't going living like Lil Tay. Lil Tay money way bitch."

    It's not clear who her parents are, and not to judge here, but how many other 9 year olds do you know who say shit like this?

    Lil Tay wants you to know she drives a car without a license

    She says in her recent video: "This shit cost me two hundred thousand! I'm only nine years old I ain't got no license but I still drive this sports car, bitch. Your favorite rapper ain't even doing it like Lil Tay." And you know what? She's right.

    Lil Tay claims to own five houses, making her the youngest flexer of the century

  • To hammer the point home in this clip, Lil Tay says: "I'm a 9 year old millionaire and I be smoking dope, bitch. Shut your mouth before I smack you, auntie."

    Lil Tay says she used to be broke and living in Atlanta

  • "When I was 6 years old, I lived in Atlanta and I was broke as hell. But one day I woke up and I said I to myself ain't going to be broke no more. So I got up and worked hard, started moving bricks and now we be living in the hills." But she also said her bed cost her more than a Lamborghini, so go figure.

    Watch Lil Tay's fight with Bhad Bhabie and Woah Vicky

    Lil Tay was part of Woah Vicky's entourage at Coachella when they had a run-in with Bhad Bhabie, the Cash Me Ousside girl.

    After the fight, Lil Tay said: "Fuck Bhad Bhabie, she a bitch. She can't do shit, she can't even punch right, she a pussy."

    Lil Tay has been hanging out with Lil Pump

    Lil Tay says the n-word a lot on Twitter

    Lil Tay's Twitter has now been suspended.

    She's right! Instagram shouldn't let her say the n-word!

    Lil Tay Fucked your Mom ?

    Lil Tay says she has been placed under house arrest and has had her phone taken away!

    House arrest House arrest House arrest ! #freeliltay

    A post shared by Lil Tay 4 Prez ? (@liltay) on Apr 29, 2018 at 6:51pm PDT

    An update on her Instagram Story from her "management" wrote: #freeliltay. Does this mean she's been grounded?

    Update: Lil Tay's mom was actually not fired, but did quit her job, according to two of the best investigative journalists the world has ever seen

    Jesse Ferreras and John Hua in with the scoop at Global News dot CA – Lil Tay's mom was not fired, but in fact quit. She used her boss' Mercedes 500 SL in a Lil Tay video where she pretended to own the sports car. The video was geotagged "Hollywood Hills," when it was in fact the parking lot of Pacific Evergreen Realty in suburban Vancouver.

    The two crack reporters Ferreras and Hua were also able to confirm what we had suspected – that Lil Tay's five properties were empty homes being sold by her mom's real estate company. That toilet that cost more than your rent? It was an open house.

    The boss David Yang told Global News he was "disappointed", "mad" and "taken advantage of." He added: "Everybody got caught by surprise."

    It looks like Lil Tay's brother is coaching her

    In a recently leaked pre-edit clip, Lil Tay's brother can be heard coaching his sister, feeding her lines behind the camera:

    We discovered Lil Tay's mom – she lives in Canada!!

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