Your weekly horoscopes are here, and they’re all about badass independence


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Your weekly horoscopes are here, and they’re all about badass independence

Just ask the new moon in Aries

by The Tab

Last night, the moon moved out of private, psychic Pisces and into confident Aries, leaving us emotionally drained but ready to make (money) moves. A new moon in Aries the same day Mercury goes direct? I’m swooning.

This moon is a fresh start for all of us, even those of us — not to point fingers — who are deeply, emotionally dependent upon others. It is a time for us to regain independence lost during the last moon, and during the Mercury retrograde, and reflect upon what we have control over, versus what has control over us.

Here's what the stars have in store for you, featuring illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe.


The only thing better than a new moon is a new moon in your sign, so this week is already favoring you. Nail on the fact that Mercury retrograde ended yesterday, and there's essentially nothing that can drag you down. Things that have been weighing on you since the beginning of the retrograde — and they have been weighing on you — will resolve themselves in the coming days, so don't wast time concerning yourself with them. The only one you have to worry about is yourself. She's still in there…somewhere.


Your life isn't meant to be a rom-com!! Just because they do it in the movies doesn't mean it's natural within the confines of your own relationships, and you're going to worry yourself sick stressing about what might have been and what could still be. Sometimes in life you don't get both screaming and fighting in the rain and also the seamless makeup sex after. Sometimes things are just nice, or mundane, but that doesn't make the relationship any less magical. With the new moon in Aries, spend some time reflecting on why you desire tension to begin with.


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The energy surrounding this Aries moon is about newness and change, a nice alternative to the Pisces moon that left us feeling raw and emotional. If there's a project you've been considering starting, or even a new relationship you're interested in pursuing, this might be the only clean slate you'll get — so use it carefully. Do not let anything sit and stew. Instead, clean out the dust, rid yourself of clutter you don't want coming with you, and then write out a solid plan for yourself before proceeding.


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Feeling rebellious? That might not be such a bad thing. A cautious crustacean, the new moon in Aries is stirring up feelings in you that you forgot you even had. The old you — the one who used to try new things without thinking, or throw caution to the wind for the sake of a good time — is itching to act out. This is the first new moon of spring and the new astrological year, so maybe you're just clawing your way out of your winter shell. My only advice? Think of the people you care about before doing anything too rash. Would they be irritated by it? Proceed accordingly.


Just throw it out and start again. Mercury retrograde is over, the moon is no longer in Pisces, and your head is about to stop spinning for the first time in a month. Sometimes the things were chasing just aren't worth the amount of time and effort we're spending on them. It's a stressful realization to come to, but there's no better time to come to it than now, with a brand new moon in independent Aries. This is the first new moon of spring, and with it comes everything you've been waiting for all winter. Don't let a few bad weeks stand in the way of that.


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You spend a lot of time worrying about your relationships with other people, but when was the last time you thought about your relationship with yourself? When was the last time you remembered you were even supposed to have one? During retrogrades, time and emotions move backwards, bringing us back to painful breakups and experiences. But the retrograde is over, and with the new moon in Aries, you'll have the courage to let things go, and move forward with the only one who matters: yourself.


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Soooo, that Mercury retrograde kicked the shit out of you, and I know you're still feeling it. But stick with me. The new moon in Aries is particularly good for your sign, and here's why. Aries and Libra are both signs of masculine nature, and when they come together, they are a nearly unstoppable force. There are no emotions involved, just strength. And while this might sound scary, right now, you need at least a week without emotion. You're emotionally drained — I can see your eye bags from here. You're regaining power.


Do you ever just feel…bored? Right now, you could use a spark of energy, and that's precisely what this new moon in Aries will supply. A water sign, last week's moon in Pisces was draining for you. It kept you from going out and engaging new people and it made you more tired than usual. But this week, you'll be revitalized. You may even find you have too much energy, so work on finding ways ways to channel it. I suggest getting creative with your home. Either that, or go out and get smashed with friends.


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On the move again. I knew the moon in Aries would have you itching to experience new things. Your sign is so alive with this dynamic energy, you can practically feel it vibrating in your veins. So when things like a Mercury retrograde comes along, it slows you down and frustrates you. Now, you're feeling just about ready to burst. Just be careful not to leave the emotions you experienced during last week's Pisces moon in the dust. It may not feel like it, but they made you stronger.


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This new moon in Aries is the best time to kick-start a brand new phase in your life, and there's nobody who loves the phrase "kick-start" more than a Capricorn. Sure, Capricorn and Aries are karmic enemies, but that's only because you're both so stubborn headed. Now, imagine if you used that brain power for good instead of evil? There's a determined kind of magic in the stars when the two of you link up, and endurance is key. During this time, do not let your differences with other people slow you down. Learn from them, and then keep moving forward.


For someone who's so forward thinking, the new moon in Aries is almost too much power for you. Because this energy is all about making changes within your own lives, you'll have a jump start on everyone else. You're better at accepting change than most, and you actually prefer it. That's why this is a time for you to make huge changes while everyone else makes small ones. Seriously, I'm talking moving, spending a year somewhere else, breaking up with someone, making up with someone. You needed a push, and now is the time.


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The moon just moved out of your sign, but this could be a really good thing for you. When the moon is in your sign, you're complacent, comfortable. There's nothing you need to learn or experience that you haven't already, and there's nothing — barring extreme circumstances — that shock you and force you to grow from them. But a new moon in fiery Aries? That's a turbo-charged boost that will definitely shock your body. You're being pushed out of your comfort zone, but that's where humans grow. Embrace it for once, instead of running from it.