Tyga is dating Iggy Azalea to make Kylie Jenner jealous, sources say


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Tyga is dating Iggy Azalea to make Kylie Jenner jealous, sources say

She was… unbothered, ofc

If aliens had an Animal Planet where they watched us all, Coachella would basically be the celebrity mating grounds. Everyone famous is always showing off their new beau in Indio. So I wasn't super surprised when it was reported that Tyga was holding hands with Iggy Azalea at the festival, sparking rumors they're dating.


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But what DID surprise me was Hollywood Life suggesting "the fact that Kylie was at Coachella with Travis [Scott] definitely spurred on Tyga to be more affectionate with Iggy than he usually is." Basically, they think Tyga and Iggy are friends with benefits, but he tried to make it look like they're an item to make Kylie jealous.

Hella Hyphy

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My question is: What would Kylie EVER be jealous about? She has a baby and a real rapper with real money absolutely obsessed with her. Plus, she can change her hair color with EASE. The real dream. I'm sorry, but Tyga needs to get over it. Maybe by getting under Iggy, maybe by exiling himself to the Himalayan mountains while he works on his ~*art*~. Kylie has moved on, and he should too.

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