The ‘half-bake’ is THE spring nail trend requiring barely any polish at all


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The ‘half-bake’ is THE spring nail trend requiring barely any polish at all

You can’t smudge this

Since spring has been reduced to nothing but a figment of our frozen imaginations, nail enthusiasts have taken it upon themselves to live life like the sun's out with the nail trend of the season — I call it "half-bake."

Spending hours deciding what nail color to stunt on your friends are over, and barely-there, crystal-clear polish is all the rage.

Half-bakes embrace geometry

Nowadays, we're putting natural nails on a pedestal and catty claws are on the back burner. A lot of half-baked nails are barely painted with a full coat of color, and the main focus is how clean your nail beds appear to be. If they're not shining bright, set up an appointment to cut those cuticles down.

Half-baked florals use real flowers

Some half-baked nails use real live hydrangeas, lilies and other flowers to dress up their digits. While the nail-obsessed are throwing down that extra shmoney to get a fill-in on their old set of acrylic, the half-bake look is what's saving us girls and gays the money for another drink at happy hour.

And some half-baked nails use one sweep of polish

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This nail trend will surly come in handy when your younger sibling starts getting into vanity and narcissism, stealing and staining your carpets with your favorite blush pink O.P.I. shade. It also doesn't hurt that if you're an absolute klutz and suck at painting nails, you literally cannot fuck up painting your dominant hand.

But the memorable half-bakes are bedazzled to blind you


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The key to a great half-bake is the studs and stones bringing the nail trend to life. Nothing can really top glitter and gold in my book, so wipe your nails clean and throw some 99 cent glitz on that bitch, and call it a day.

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