A super simple but extremely detailed guide to anal sex, by normal girls


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A super simple but extremely detailed guide to anal sex, by normal girls

Let’s talk about butt stuff

I think for most women I know, anal sex is the final frontier. It's the taboo sex thing everyone is too scared to try, but that we hear about 24/7. If you've been curious about exploring your butthole but have no idea where to start, this article's for you.

We asked girls to give us their best tips for anal sex, and found out there's a lot more to it than buying butt plugs — but that's still the place to start. I probably won't try it even after extensive research, but who knows?!

Here are our readers' top anal sex tips:


Use GALLONS of lube

Whether you're using a toy or a dick, you need it to be lubed the fuck up. Your butt doesn't produce pussy juice (obviously), so you need something to help sex go smooth. The more slide, the better it feels so use as much lube as you need. And if you're using a condom — which you should be, bitch! — only use water-based lube. Oil based lubes can break condoms.

Warm up with toys

You know what those washed-up little league coaches and cereal boxes say: Practice makes perfect. Before you go into full-on anal, buy butt plugs in a variety of sizes to try out. Start with the smallest one to see how it feels, then work your way up to the largest size you find comfortable. Trying butt stuff solo can break down anxiety surrounding anal sex, so you can be more confident (and have more fun!) with a partner. You'll also know what you like, which is key.


When we get nervous, we tense up. And a tense booty does NOT help anal sex feel good. Try your best to relax your muscles before you get into it, whether by drinking a glass of wine or talking through your insecurities with your partner. We promise it'll work out great. Just stop stressing!


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Don't worry about poop

One of the things that will DEFINITELY help you relax? Knowing that you really don't need to worry about poop during anal sex. Fecal matter isn't really where the penis will be: It's stored much higher up and there's very little residual left-over from a bowel movement. So unless you're using a foot-long dildo, stop worrying about your butt being dirty and start worrying about how you can get a sick orgasm.

Start off on top

It's much more comfortable to control anal sex the first few times you try it out. When you're on top, you can decide the pace and how far he will go. You can try doggy later, when you're a seasoned pro. Hop in reverse cowgirl, then line that shit up. I know you can do it.

And go slow!

Your body needs time to get used to the foreign object up your booty, so start off at a slow pace until it's comfortable. After that, you can get freakyyyyy.

The tip is the hardest part to get up there

The tip is the widest part of the penis, so it is the toughest to get up there. Once you're past that, your worries are over. It's a good thing to remind yourself of when you're in that "there's way that's gonna fit" headspace.


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If it hurts, stop — and don't feel bad about it

Like with all sex, communication is key. If something hurts, you should seriously stop and let your partner know what's up. Sex is about pleasure and if something stops being fun, you should NEVER feel forced to do it. Anal sex can fuck shit up if it's done in a painful way, so be careful and listen to your body. Happy experimenting!

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