I signed up to be a sugar baby and here’s what happened

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I signed up to be a sugar baby and here’s what happened

Spoiler alert: she met someone

Admit it. You’ve def said to your friends while complaining about money, “fuck it. I’m just going to become a sugar baby.” Soooo Emily actually did it and journeyed into the world of sugar dating. Apparently it was something she’d been thinking about for a while, but had never plucked up the courage to go through with it until now.

Emily ended up joining Secret Benefits, a sugar daddy dating site. She chatted with a bunch of older guys before finally going out with a few. “I was really nervous about it” Emily told babe.

Emily becomes a sugar baby

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Posted by Babe on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Why she signed up

“I’ve honestly always been curious about sugar dating,” Emily said. She and her friends have been talking about it for ages before Emily decided to take the plunge and sign up for Secret Benefits, a sugar dating site that’s free for women.

Obviously, Em wasn’t about to just jump into sugar dating without advice from her squad. “I had met people who had done it before, but definitely before signing up I said to my friends, ‘is it okay that I do this? Can we all give me approval before I sign up?’.”

Secret Benefits is a sugar dating site. Creating a profile is free for everyone, but men need to pay to message!

How was signing up?

Emily wasn’t entirely sure what she was getting herself into, but was super surprised by how easy the Secret Benefits site was. “I just had to put in the most basic information about myself and after that I could upload as many or as little photos as I wanted,” she told babe. There’s even a secret album on your profile that guys have to be given access by you to see.

Sugar dating can sound daunting, but Secret Benefits didn’t leave Em in the dark. She got an email right after she signed up that showed her a blog post from the site about another girl’s first “encounter.” “I read that and it made me feel way better about the whole thing. It humanized it for me,” Emily said. “They guide you through the whole thing.”

Okay, but what about the men?!?!

With so many male members, checking out all those profiles would be absolutely exhausting. Thankfully Emily was able to specify what she was into. ” I chose my age range, I chose the body type I was interested in, I chose how far away from me I wanted them to be,” she explained. “Once I set my parameters, there was a nice range rather than just one type of guy.”

“Messaging was super easy,” she told babe. The site made everything from signing up to chatting with guys a totally seamless experience that Emily said was even better than Tinder or Bumble! “You can see multiple profiles at once,” Emily said. She felt like she was able to make real connections because the site made it so easy to keep track of her matches.

Secret Benefits is super easy to use and you can specify your search by age, distance, or even relationship status! Check out all the sugar daddies waiting to meet you here!

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Emily messaged a few guys first to see if they had any chemistry. Since the men had to pay to enter into a conversation, she knew if they were talking it wouldn’t be a waste of time.

“A lot of them are really nice and ask me about me,” she said. “They’ll ask a lot about my background, what I do, and what I’m interested in. It’s not just like a guy you meet on Tinder who’ll get your number and then only DM you at 2 am. And there’s money involved, which is obviously a plus. The more kind and interested in me they were, the more I got along with them. I’d ask them about them and what they’re interested in. We’d have nice conservations and some of them turned into, ‘okay let’s meet.’”

She made a connection!!

Emily went on a few chemistry meets to see if she had a connection with anyone. Some fizzled pretty quickly, but she still had a good time. “We’d have a drink or two, but the connection just wasn’t there. They were always gentlemen though. We’d say, ‘goodnight,’ then go our separate ways” she said.

There was one guy though that Emily got along with…..like, really well. “He was really interested in mentoring me and had helpful career advice,” she told us. “He had the same interests as me. He was simply looking for me to accompany him on dinners and out in public.” They exchanged numbers, kept talking, and have seen each other a few more time.

“We’ve agreed on an allowance and he’s very cool about it. It’s not awkward. It’s just part of our arrangement. It’s really easy,” she said. Emily revealed that they decided she’ll get her allowance for occasional text conversations and in-person dates a few times a month. She told babe she loves that they’re on the same page and just seeing where things go.

There’s plenty of different types of guys on Secret Benefits so you’re sure to find a sugar daddy that you connect with. The site has over 1 million members so click here to sign up!

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What she’s learned

Emily was pleasantly surprised when she realized that sugar dating was really all about chemistry. “You have to be in it for a connection with somebody,” she said. “It has to be somebody that you can actually carry a conversation with. That was the biggest thing I learned was that it doesn’t just happen right away and like get the perfect arrangement immediately.” Ultimately, Emily’s patience paid off because… she’s still seeing her daddy.