Babe dot org(asm): Why can’t I cum?


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Babe dot org(asm): Why can’t I cum?

We explore every girl’s hard-hitting question in this first episode

Every time I tell my girlfriends I had sex, their first reaction is always “did you cum!?” or “did you have an orgasm??” Every. Time. Why can’t I cum? Why is it always a question for women? It’s not a question for men…could you imagine?

“Yeah man, I had sex last night.”

“Nice bro, did you cum?”

Huh???? But sadly, my answer is almost always “no.”

Why??? WHY CAN’T I CUM?!

Don’t get me wrong, I have more than my fair share of solo orgasms–and I put work into them. I taught myself how to cum more than one time in a single sitting (laying?). I even taught myself how to squirt! That takes a lot more effort than just googling “tumblr sex” whilst rubbing my junk over my granny panties. It takes hard work and diligence.

But for some reason, when it cums to IRL sex, I’m hopeless. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t get to that ~place~. I’m too busy worrying about how much longer my nipples will stay hard for, or how my double chin looks from down there, or what late-night food spot I’m gonna Uber to after this.

The more this kept happening, the more I started talking to my friends about it. And the more I realized that it wasn’t just me.

There are so many girls who are not cumming during sex, and, even worse, not cumming at all–even on their own. Heartbreaking.

Sooo, I decided to do a lil research in hopes that I could maybe conjure up some orgasmic tips for girls. I decided to make babe dot org(asm), which is essentially a series of female orgasm videos meant to normalize and dive deeper into the conversation around sex for women.

The first episode is namely called, “Why can’t I cum?” In this episode, I chatted with Remy Kassimir, a 28-year-old woman who has never had an orgasm. Like, ever in her life. Then I asked some ladies on the street how often they cum from heterosexual sex (don’t hold your breath!). Finally, I interviewed Dr. Leora Manischewitz, a clinical psychologist and sex therapist, who discusses some of the reasons for why this phenomenon happens, and why it’s so common.

babe dot org(asm) episode 1: why can't i cum?

why is not cumming such a thing for women?in episode 1 of babe dot org(asm), we investigate.

Posted by Babe on Sunday, February 18, 2018