Want to hate yourself? Here’s every naked picture of Gigi Hadid…ever


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Want to hate yourself? Here’s every naked picture of Gigi Hadid…ever

Damn I want to be this girl SO bad

Between Gigi's Vogue covers, Victoria's Secret fashion shows, and Versace contracts, we've known she was hot for a long time. But I feel like we often think of Gigi as suave, not sexy. We're used to her walking in high-fashion down the runway, but don't usually see her stripped down. But Gigi is one of the hottest in the game right now, and I have proof. Here is every nude picture of Gigi Hadid ever taken. And yeah, she looks really fucking good naked.

If you're into hot girls, you're welcome. But if you're into LOOKING like hot girls, I am so, so sorry.

2014: Before she was super famous, Gigi did an entire natural-looking nude spread for V Man

2014: Gigi looked sexy posing for this Tom Ford fragrance ad

2015: Gigi wore nothing but a towel in a Mario Testino shoot with Cody Simpson

2015: Gigi looks mysteriously sexy featured on Style Du Jour by Amy Yew

2016: These fully nude pictures of Gigi with smeared makeup for Vogue Paris make me feel things

2016: Most people I know would pay a LOT of money to be this Versace bag

2016: Gigi laid naked on a horse and somehow made it look… really good?

2016: Gigi looked hot in nothing but shoes for Stuart Weitzman

Then looked even sexier in this full-body picture

2018: Gigi and her sister Bella posed naked for British Vogue and people had OPINIONS

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