The man who killed four people in a Waffle House says Taylor Swift was stalking him


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The man who killed four people in a Waffle House says Taylor Swift was stalking him

Among other delusional statements

According to family members, Travis Reinking — the man who opened fire at a Waffle House in Nashville early Sunday morning — believed that Taylor Swift was stalking him, among other delusions.

The shooter thought Taylor stalked him in his hometown of Morton, Illinois and hacked into his phone and Netflix account. Reinking even tried to meet up with the singer at an Illinois Dairy Queen in 2016 — a meeting he later told police officers Taylor initiated after Reinking's parents called the cops on their son.

At the time of the Dairy Queen incident, Reinking also told police officers that he was suicidal and "had access to 'many firearms'."

Reinking had several other run-ins with police officers in Illinois, Tennessee and Washington, D.C. where he was apprehended in 2017 while trying to climb a fence into the White House. According to the New York Daily News, he told a police officer he was a "sovereign citizen" and he "needed to speak to President Trump."

The shooter murdered four people, including a Waffle House employee, and injured at least two more early Sunday morning when he opened fire on the premises of a Waffle House in Nashville with an AR-15.

Reinking's rampage was halted when a customer, James Shaw Jr., wrestled the rifle away from Reinking and tossed it behind a counter, at which point Reinking fled the scene.

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