This beauty blogger’s super-racist tweets got EXPOSED, because that’s what happens now ;-)


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This beauty blogger’s super-racist tweets got EXPOSED, because that’s what happens now ;-)

It was 2012, a different time!

Beauty blogger Holly Boon has 376,000 Instagram followers, more than 527,000 Youtube subscribers, and a bunch of fucked-up tweets to boot. Triple threat!

Boon really went above and beyond the usual in terms of offensive Twitter behavior — instead of sticking to just racism or just homophobia or just xenophobia, Boon dabbled in a healthy mix. And some former fans have the screenshots to prove it — like Twitter user @rollajabi, who originally dug up the offensive comments.

Hmmm, not great. Actively bad, in fact.

Some of these are like, kind of creatively racist. I've never even thought about being hateful to Polish people! Must be a cultural thing — Boon is British.

Honestly? No they fucking aren't.

You'd rather DIE?

Thanks, but from the bottom of my heart: no thanks.

Boon has yet to publicly respond to the unearthing of these old tweets — her latest Youtube video is a post about "high-end glow products" or some inane shit like that, her latest Instagram is a picture of her dumbass face, and she locked her Twitter like a coward.

Also, you're really going to slur South Asians and then do the above (totally trashy) look a few years down the line? Cool, Holly. Super cool.

I don't believe this actually happened.

You're right, it is too late.

Normal people were quick to condemn Boon's frequent, hateful comments, but others jumped in to let her know that they forgave her, because it's not like she made these tweets recently, right? They're from like, 5 or 6 years ago.

You know, because 2012 and 2013, the second term of Obama's presidency, only like 4 iPhones ago, we had no fucking idea what racism or homophobia or transphobia were. There was no possible way she could have known that shit was inappropriate in those ancient times! Sure.

It remains to be seen if Boon will retain her sponsorship with British retailer Boohoo or her fanbase. Let's hope… not.

UPDATE: Holly Boon posted an apology video. In it, she said she initially thought the tweets were photoshopped because she didn't remember them. Then she said the following:

I looked into it, and I got some people who know a lot about Photoshop to look into and they were like "No, Holly, this is something that you did write."

LMAO. You can watch the whole thing below:

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