Once you realize who this new MAC ad looks like, you’ll never be the same


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Once you realize who this new MAC ad looks like, you’ll never be the same

I’m a changed woman

Have you guys ever realized that shopping for a product is way more fun than actually buying them? There's really nothing better than flipping through the gorgeous, glossy ads in a magazine and adoring how beautiful it all is. Like, you don't have to spend money to watch someone else be glam. And you don't have to deal with the crushing fact that buying things provides only temporary happiness, leaving you feeling empty and alone afterwards. Just me? Chill.

But somehow, while someone was looking at a beautiful MAC ad for their Galactic Glitter and Gloss (because alien looks are in vogue right now), they didn't just think: "Wow! How unattainably pretty!" Instead, they made a great discovery.

The ad looks just like the iconic 'coming back from the club' Vine

Does art imitate life or does life imitate art?

Of course, this REVELATION inspired some memes

And some conversions:


But it also inspired some advocacy for the little girl to GET HER COINS

She was obviously the creative genius behind this whole thing

The guy who shot the Vine agrees he should be getting some creds

Does MAC have a lawsuit on their hands? You be the judge. Either way, I know I will never be the same after realizing our culture is just one massive loop. If you need me, I'll be drowning myself in binary code then jumping off the next bridge I see.

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