This is what it’s really like having fat sex


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This is what it’s really like having fat sex

Step 1: Be flexible

When a sex scene appears on TV, it's expected that both parties are conventionally, socially acceptable fit people. Any first-time sex experience is always awkward if you don't know the person all too well, but when you and your boyfriend are heavysets, sex comes with a whole new set of rules.

When I was younger, my very first boyfriend was tall, dark and plus-size. The first time I went over to his house, making out with him was embarrassing because he tried propping me up on his leg and I fell. Ouch. These are just some of the issues that present themselves when having fat sex.

You have to get over your body insecurities immediately

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Since me and my boyfriend at the time were both big people, neither of us wanted to be the first one to shed a lick of clothing. We simultaneously took off our shoes and socks, but getting undressed in front of each other was super intimidating. Regardless of us both being plus-size, we worried about what the other would think.

When society splashes pictures of beautiful straight-size men and women on cereal boxes, movies, magazine covers and literally everywhere else, we look for that image in all our relationships. Despite having been a plus-size girl and him a plus-size guy, we aspired to be whatever is popular—and fat people haven't been for years.

Break the bed, hunty! Don't be scuuurred

Yeah it's your bed, but sex is only really good when it's spontaneous, wild and carefree. If you're seriously into the partner you're throwing down with, then it'll be worth it after you orgasm and your headboard is still intact.

Sex for anyone is cringeworthy when you think you're being too loud, well imagine two hams slapping one another. That's what plus-size sex can sound like when your partner is daggering inside you and it can be hella awks for us big girls. But you're both there to do one thing and that's to get it all the way in (hehe).

You can't allow the audible skin on skin contact to bother you when all they want you to do is throw that ass back. Just own your fat love-making sounds because the louder the sex, the closer you are to climaxing.

Some days, all you can do is doggy

When your man has his own set of hips, spreading your legs for him in missionary can be a bitch. There's a lot of moving around and repositioning because it gets to be too much on the muscles when you're in one tight position for too long.

The slappy sound always creeps you out because more meat means more beat. After the two of you have been going at it for a while, though, the sound of two steaks smacking each other is drowned out by the heavy breathing from getting it in with each other.

You both feel a little awkward lifting each others fat to get to the 'core'

My ass is fat, so even in doggy style, guys find themselves having to give my butt a lift for better access to get to the good stuff. While I, personally enjoy this dangerous sex position, the minute the cheeks are spread, I feel like the other guy is drowning in butt cheeks. Then again, maybe he just needs a long dong to meet me in the middle. Compromise is key, my friends.

Eventually, you learn to love it

Once you've been getting to know your thicc significant other for a while, you eliminate the fact that you're not society's golden guy or golden girl. Having fat sex opens your eyes to how insecure everyone is about their bodies and that there's really not one fuck to give about looks. At the end of the day, you only want someone you can make you laugh and make you cum. Size is just a number on a clothing ticket.

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