The Hobby Lobby challenge is taking over Twitter but it’s so hot I don’t even care


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The Hobby Lobby challenge is taking over Twitter but it’s so hot I don’t even care

Fuck me up, teen queens!

Y'all ever feel like we live in a creative renaissance? Between The Golden Age of Television, Cardi B and Ashley Graham's body (actual art), we're living in a time where everything is aesthetically pleasing. But of course, the creative little fucks on Twitter have decided that making Instagram beyond-normal beautiful wasn't enough. They've decided to appropriate stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby — previously owned by grandmas, Young Life camp counselors, and those who quilt — and make them hot. While I normally hate staring at beautiful people due to my crippling insecurities, I can't even be mad at this. I wanna gas these geniuses up, TBH.

The Hobby Lobby challenge asks participants to make gorgeous, PAPER magazine quality pics inside of craft stores.

Hobby Lobby Challenge: Before

Hobby Lobby Challenge: After

And everyone so far has fucking hit it. It was a huge thing in March, but it's come back this week with a vengeance.




Honestly, I have never looked this good in my whole life

But these bitches DID THAT in a craft store

I just love it so much

Next time I go to a craft store with my mom in jeans, with a frappuccino in hand after a long day at Target and Best Buy, I'll think of these pics and cry. Then, she'll buy the picture frames she needs and I'll buy a Crunch bar from the stand next to the register and realize why I'm so ugly. Until next time, everyone!!

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