We asked girls about their masturbation routines and we got some seriously creative ideas


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We asked girls about their masturbation routines and we got some seriously creative ideas

Dirty geniuses I tell ya!

In the rare event you get the pad all to yourself, the first thing most girls think about doing is dropping those PINK panties, go to town on the leftover bud stashed in your soda can, sink into your bed and whip out that dick mold.

We asked our fearless babe readers to give us their most famous tips to rub one out. Hold onto your vaginas, girls.


I’m not super picky about what I’m wearing, but lesbian porn, in my opinion, is better than straight “let me jack hammer your fucking vagina” porn.


Taking a bath with the shower head. Sometimes I’ll get out and use a glass vibrator, but I’m in the market for a new one soon.

Also, I don’t know if it counts but I’m a lowkey attention whore and right in the middle of it all, I'll send thirst traps via Snapchat.


I have literally so many toys, DVDS and magazines. I used to work in a sex shop and the discount was literally the best!!! Sadly, I’m at this point where I can’t reach orgasm? I'll get to the edge and then it all just goes away.


I masturbate before I go to sleep because nobody is awake and afterwards it also serves as legit the best sleep ever ?. Every time I use my bullet, which in all honesty, is the best thing I’ve ever purchased, combined with some lube. And I just go to town.


My fingers on my clit is enough. I really do not need any toys. Lesbian porn does it for me though. I'm straight, mostly at night when everyone else is asleep or when ever I'm alone in the house like right now.


I roll up a doobie and play my Spotify sex playlist. It's compiled of Ginuwine, Chris Brown (who sucks, but his voice is sexy), and sometimes I'll throw on Robin Thicke to sing to my pussy. I also use lube if I'm having one of my dry spell days.


I either watch lesbian porn and use my dildo. Sometimes I even use my tub faucet after I finish in the shower. The pressure from the tub hurts just right.


Once my roommates leave the apartment, I whip out my dildo and a cigarette. Masturbation is a huge stress reliever for me, so I pull out all the big guns before masturbating. I'll take a long bath first to be as clean as a whistle, then when I get out the shower, I don't dry off because I think I make the session hotter when I'm lubed up with water.

Kitty clicking is my go-to, but I'll watch a lot of interracial porn because I like watching white girls take in a big black dick. It's funny thinking about it, but watching a white girl getting dicked down by a black guy is fucking hot.


So I'll either watch porn, whatever, but I just have a really active mind because my brain is huge. If I'm not watching porn, but still wanna get off I listen to just like…a regular podcast. Not a sexy podcast because I don't know if that exists.

But I'm tryna be entertained you know. So I'm just listening to like, some true crime shit or political shit or whatever.


It's usually in the morning right when I wake up, but I just kinda go in. I honestly do it to wake me up otherwise I fall back asleep at the sound of my alarm.

I'll use my fingers, but only sometimes a vibrator, but I keep it at the lowest level because I'm a pussy. There is, however, a song that when I listen to it, I genuinely get horny called Teach Me Tiger by April Stevens. I just, like, force myself to masturbate. It's fun.

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