Your summer love horoscopes are here and it’s looking like a crazy season for ALL of us


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Your summer love horoscopes are here and it’s looking like a crazy season for ALL of us

Everything is hotter in the summer, after all

Now that it's May, summer is on the horizon. And we all know what that hot weather means: String bikinis. Summer flings. And copious amounts of sweaty sex. You know, if you're into that. Summer is the sexiest time of the year, if a hot crush or a several night stand is written in the stars.

Keep reading to see what your love life is going to look like this summatime, featuring illustrations by Lucy Turnbull for babe:


Aries, this summer is your time to shine. Ignited by the complexity of Gemini season, the emotion of Cancer season, and the confidence of Leo season, you're going to be bold as ever. You're going to trap the guy you want, whether it's for a night or for the entire season. And you're going to be completely confident in how you feel about him. Completely listen to yourself. Post that sexy pool selfie if you want, slide into his DMs, ask him to define your relationship. There's no room for being wishy-washy, and you know it. I love how sure you are, Aries. ???


Taurus, you like to take it slow. And this summer, you're going to have a slow burn with someone special. Whether it's a new crush or reigniting the flame with your boo, you're going to have the space this season to really dig into something special. And of course, it's going to feel great. You're going to feel a soul-connection with your crush and it's going to take up a lot of space in your mind. Let it. Fall in as deep as you can.


Gemini, your summer is going to be filled with drama. But you kind of thrive in it?! Whether it's a love triangle you find yourself accidentally entangled in or an ex coming back to haunt you, summer 2018 is going to be full of emotions. Channel these into a crazy passionate crush, and you're good to go. We all need a little bit of excitement sometimes, and summer is the perfect time to get yours. Plus, the sex is going to be great. But we both knew that anyway. It is you, after all.


Cancer, tried not to get too tied down this summer. You tend to get very attached to your crushes, even when you know it's not going to work out. I know it's tempting to cling to the guy you met months ago and try to make it work all through the summer. But there's going to be more compatible guys for you along the road. There's no need to go out and try to date everyone who's interested — we both know your heart can't take it. But keep your eyes and heart open. You never know who you'll meet by the pool.


Leo, you're best at the prowl. And this summer, you're going to be able to channel all of your charm and sexiness into being the hottest bitch your town has ever seen. With a good bikini and your red-hot sense of knowing exactly what to say, guys are going to be all over you. Basically, this summer is going to be a fuck ton of fun. You might not find the perfect summer romance, but you're going to have at least a few flings. And who knows? One of them could turn into something special once the summer slows down and the weather gets cooler. You aren't trying to cuff until at least August. And with how good you are at flirting, I don't even blame you. ???


Virgo, this summer is all about indulgence. I know it's sometimes hard for you to take a chance on crushes, but you deserve to have a summer romance this time around. Not everything has to be perfect. Be with someone because he makes you happy or because the sex is great — you don't have to be with him because you see it lasting forever. Take care of yourself and your needs before you take care of your perfectly-curated public image. I promise it'll be worth it. If you get a little messy at a party or text a guy more than once, no one will judge. Get yours, girl!


This summer is going to be one big party, Libra. You better buckle up. You're going to be keyed into your wild side with the confidence of Leo and the fucked-up mess of Cancer, so be sure if you're in a relationship, he's willing to let you run a little rampant. And if you aren't with someone right now, know you might be with quite a few someone's this season. And you know what? You're going to love how fucking charming you feel. Channel this confidence into every aspect of your life and you can't go wrong.


When you're on a mission, Scorpio, nothing can stop you. This summer, someone special is going to catch your eye, and you're going to spend the entire season on the chase. Whether it's a guy in your summer class or an old flame, you're trying to make him yours. And don't worry, with your charm, you'll succeed. Whether you end up dating or you just ruin his life with your perfect self, you'll come out the winner. Lean back knowing you're in total control.


Sagittarius, you're always down for an adventure. And this summer is going to be just that. You're going to find yourself in several INSANE situations — from crazy nights out with the girls to flirty guys sending you signals you just don't understand. You're going to love all the attention you're getting this summer, and a few hook-ups and heartbreaks might be on the way. Remind yourself to thrive in the unpredictable, and be sure to see every flirty text as a new adventure. The more you love, the more you learn about yourself. And you're all about a little bit of self-discovery. Especially when it's a lil sexual. ???


Capricorn, you obsess over the details. This summer, you're going to want to square away your summer romance. You're going to want to determine the relationship super soon and lay out all of your emotions with the guy who catches your eye. But think about how fun it could be to be a little bit mysterious. Lead him on. And try not take it all too seriously. After all, it's just a summer fling. I know that's unlike you, but it'll save a lot of heartbreak and heat things tf up. Step away from the phone and throw your heart around a little bit. You'll love the free feeling, even if it's a little scary at first.


Aquarius, you invest a lot of time in blocking people out. In fact, you're a pro at pushing people away. But this year, the emotions of Cancer season and the confidence of Leo season are going to help you open up. It could mean new emotional intimacy with your boo or it could mean getting super close with a crush over summertime beers by the beach. Either way, you're gonna fall hard. But try not to obsess over this new flame. Remember to keep your friends in sight and to check everything off your summer bucket list. Just be sure, you're not going to have a hard time checking off a hot make-out or two. ???


Pisces, you're really going to be really feeling someone this summer. Whether it's the crush you've been talking to all spring or someone new you meet while you're getting fucked up on the beach, he's going to be on your mind every (increasingly long) day. But the best part? You're going to be on his mind, too. You're going to get him with your deep thoughts and your laid-back approach to life, so don't pretend to be something you're not. I can't predict if this is going to be something serious, but you're going to have some great memories from this summer. And if things end too soon, be sure to fall back on some girlfriends who can buy you some margs and tacos and remind you that there's always next summer. ???

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