Sorry, but if you think The Office is only for smart people, you’re actually dumb as hell


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Sorry, but if you think The Office is only for smart people, you’re actually dumb as hell

You think you’re Jim, but you’re really Ryan

Look, I love The Office as much as the next person who was alive in 2008, but I've noticed a disturbing trend recently that I think we need to address.

Some people seem to be laboring under the impression that The Office is like, a highbrow intellectual show. That the humor is complicated, and it takes an advanced mind to understand it. I'm sorry, my brain kings, but that's… just not the case. Like, have y'all heard of podcasts?

Maybe all you Office fans are just being like, super sarcastic and I'm not in on the joke. In fact, there's probably a 40 percent chance that's true. But if it's not, and you guys are being serious about The Office as a "smart comedy" then I think I need to set the record straight: you do not have to be woke or intelligent to enjoy The Office. You kinda just need to like jokes.

And basically everybody likes jokes. I'm not saying The Office is a bad show. Quite the contrary: it's a hilarious comedy in a way that's super accessible, even if you've never taken a gender studies class. Or like, any class!

The Office has a diverse cast of characters, sure. There are people of color, LGBTQ characters (most of them are Oscar-centric, but whatever), and people from different socioeconomic backgrounds: all the makings of an inclusive, socially conscious show that makes you empathize with people from many walks of life!

But it's also really easy to empathize with those diverse characters when they're telling funny jokes.

Plus, it's not like the Office is drawing from a lot of really deep, scholarly references. It's not that kind of show — you don't have to be an intellectual to know what Battlestar Galactica is — and that's a good thing, because it creates its own references.

Check this shit out:

"People that can relate to working with others?" Not only is that almost everyone, it's not even true. The Office ended before I graduated high school, and my only job experience at that point was working at a cupcake shop — but I still laughed when Kevin spilled all that chili because it's funny to watch someone spill a ton of chili! It isn't that deep!

And, full offense, but the last five or so seasons of The Office are like, extremely fucking bad. After Steve Carrell left and Jim and Pam's relationship was like three kids with weird names deep, it was O-V-E-R, y'all.

Did I watch till the finale? No shit. But I didn't like it. Maybe if I was a genius I'd "understand" it better, but I don't think so. Two words: Robert California.

And to be honest, the show's sheer popularity means not everyone who watched it could be smart — for instance, I'm dumb as hell and I've seen this shit all the way through! At least twice! The Office is a solid comedy, it's stood the test of time, and should be appreciated as such.

But you're not like, learning shit when you watch it.

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