You have until 6pm EST to get this stupid fucking bathing suit y’all wanted so bad last year


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You have until 6pm EST to get this stupid fucking bathing suit y’all wanted so bad last year

Here’s how to get it

Hello, everyone. Remember last year, red bathing suits were flooding everyone's Instagram feeds? You know, because everyone from your hometown and sorority are cheap-ass bitches who love free stuff? If you don't remember, Sunny Company Clothing offered to give away a free suit to everyone who shared a picture from their account. But then, they ended up having SO many people share their pic, that they had to shut it down before they gave everyone what they wanted.

Well this year, they're back and they're better. You know, if you're into this kind of thing. Until 6pm EST (or 3pm PST), you can get a free suit by reposting this picture and tagging @sunnycoclothing.

Oops we did it again. 🤷‍♀️ You know the rules! EVERYONE that reposts & tags us in this picture within 24 hrs will receive a FREE Pamela Sunny Suit (now comes w adjustable straps) . Last year we delivered over 50,000 FREE Pamela suits but we had to cap our promotion. This year WE ARE NOT going to cap the promotion & we are prepared to deliver over 1 Million Free Suits 🙉EVERYONE will receive a free suit this time, no exceptions. After you have reposted the picture keep following our Instagram & Website for further instructions on how to receive your free suit + code 💃This offer is only valid in the US & ends at 3PM PST on 5/3/18. *All participants must pay shipping & handling. Thank you to this years sponsor @holonis for supporting us & this campaign 💕 NOW… for anyone whose Instagram feed is ruined today from us just #blamesunny 😜😜😜

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They claim they're prepared to give out 1 MILLION suits this year, so you might actually get one. Might, maybe. Idk, I don't trust anyone on the internet. Too many incels out there.

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