Every single time Gigi Hadid has culturally appropriated or been kind of racist


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Every single time Gigi Hadid has culturally appropriated or been kind of racist

Why can’t she love her own bleached roots?

We get it. Fashion is for the creatives and everyone should utilize it to express themselves. However, when your creativity is at the expense of already underrepresented faces, then you need to check yourself, and fast. Gigi Hadid has been one to consistently be one of fashion's it girls who keeps fucking with every culture but her own.

So, let's take a road down memory lane and reminisce every single time Gigi has culturally appropriated and racially ignorant for a check. Hold down your skin tones, she might just rep it in her next photoshoot.

The Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Remember when people flipped out when Gigi, Bella and Kendall signed up to work the runway in locks? Don't get me wrong, Marc Jacobs should have definitely gotten some heat for this, but he's not the one willingly wearing a dreaded wig. Make up all the excuses you want for them, but it just reiterates that even models have a right to say no, and didn't.

Vogue Italia's editorial spread in 2015

I don't know what state of mind Gigi was in to agree to throwing on a Foxy Brown wig along with her big blue eyes, but her people were clearly not looking out for her. As much as the tweet above calls it "POC appreciation", it actually validates that non POC can put on and rip off actual identities that, we, as black people are called out for inappropriateness.

The instant a white person wears, tears and uses black culture it's "trending", but if I were to wear mine to a corporate office, it's unkempt or makes (white) people feel uncomfortable, and that, my bitches, is racism. Ya know, in case you forgot.

And then being offensive by making fun of Buddah

Gigi literally got banned from China and was forced to back out of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show for her ignorant behavior, leaving many of her fans disappointed in her poking fun of their culture and religion.

And now more recently, her blackface cover for Vogue Italia 2018

Will she ever learn to just embrace her pale, blonde white self and stop signing on to transform into other races? The world may never know. Until next time, folks. And let's be real, there will be a next time that she commits this fuckery.

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