Are women faking orgasms? We asked girls AND guys


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Are women faking orgasms? We asked girls AND guys

Someone has to be lying

We all joke about it because of how sadly commonplace it is, but seriously: are most women faking orgasms? Rumor has it that about 67% of women admit to having faked an orgasm at least once in their life. Some even admit to faking it at least once a week. Once a week!? I'm not even having sex once a week! I don't even have the CHANCE TO FAKE IT!!! But even if I was riding the dick on a weekly basis, I probably would be faking orgasms too. Smh.

So are we all really faking them?

Between seeing how many women fake their orgasms and experiencing my own fair share of feeling the need to force some moans, I decided to find out the TRUTH. I went to Washington Square Park, home of horny NYU students, to find out just how many of us are faking it, according to both girls and guys…

Fake Orgasms

Are women really faking orgasms? We asked girls and guys to find out

Posted by Babe on Friday, April 27, 2018