If you did ANY of these things as a kid, you’re depressed now


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If you did ANY of these things as a kid, you’re depressed now

If you listened to Lana during your formative years… I’m so sorry

Honestly, I don't know how anyone our age escaped childhood without clinical depression. Between tumblr culture and the Jonas Brothers break-up and the fact that our parents were too scared to let us ride a bike around alone, we were all kind of destined to be fucked up.

And like…unfettered access to the internet? As a child? Who the fuck decided that was a good idea? That's the reason kids are killing each other for Slenderman!

I know most of us are depressed, but some of us are just Bound 2 be more depressed than others. Especially if we've been sad bois and girls from a young age. If you did ANY of these things as a kid, you're depressed now. Scientifically confirmed.

Did really well on standardized tests

Or weirdly enjoyed them.

Listened to Lana Del Rey or Marina and the Diamonds during your formative years

Like, of course you're fucked up now.

Had FREAKY reading abilities

You were in Accelerated Reading, weren't you?

Listened to the most sinister of boy bands

You FELT every word to "When You Look Me In The Eyes" and you still have zero faith you'll find someone that inspires such EMOTION

Let your online pets die

This extends to Neopets, Webkinz, Nintendogs. You just got bored with those little fuckers.

Listened to the Veronicas so frequently you still remember they exist

ESPECIALLY this song.

Had a love for Kellin Quinn

Or any angsty pop punk boy.

Kept a diary

Where you wrote about being sad.

Got all As

You cried when you didn't get a sticker on your assignment.

Went to Catholic school

Once a nun gave me detention because I ate Skittles in the library. It's no wonder I have mental health issues.

I'm really sorry we were destined to be this way from the time we were try-hards in elementary school. I guess it's the way we're supposed to be. Or maybe that's just the Prozac talking. Lmaoooooooo.

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