I had sex every single day of my period and it actually saved my sex life


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I had sex every single day of my period and it actually saved my sex life

It was…grossly sexy

You'll either read this and furiously type an email to my editor about why I should be fired, or obsessively search for my Twitter handle to thank me and call me your feminist icon. No in-betweens.

Either way, the fact remains that having sex on period days may just be the most mind-blowing sex you'll ever have.

It's me, the expert!

I don't want to call myself an expert on period sex, but…I'm an expert on period sex, and these are just a few of the things I've learned fucking with an otherwise-occupied vagina.

Your sex drive is through the roof

With every period I've lived through, my hormones go haywire. I wanted to flick the kitty any chance I got, wet day dreams would pop out of nowhere if I tried studying for a final, and no pill on the market could ease the pain of my cramps. Understand this formula: menstrual cramps + horny-ness = absolute misery.

You know what eases menstrual cramps? An orgasm. Seriously, it's nature's Midol.

In the beginning, I was appalled by the idea

I threw crazed looks at my then-boyfriend for even suggesting period sex.


Not to get all un-feminist, but the fact that it was his idea made the act of period sex a lot less gross. I was the only thing that holding me back from having period sex and ultimately it was only weird because I made it weird.

You're already wet, so might as well!

Super soaker who? There was literally no need to lather me up because prepping for period sex takes no time. I never would have guessed that being on my period would make sex that much better, but having the skin consistency of a dolphin's was really a boon.

There will be accidents, but so what?

Nothing's perfect when you're busy being and making a mess in the sack. Even though I'd left a few stains behind on my now-ex's mattress due to our adventurous endeavors, he was perfectly fine with it! An unbothered king!

Now that he's my ex, though, I like to think of it as having marked my territory. When we broke up and brought another girl home, I knew I'd already made my presence known — his new bitch was simply getting my sloppy seconds.

The biggest perk was that my cramps were gone

Lessening the pain of my cramps became a consistent selling point, and I continued my bloody fuckery because of it. Who wouldn't kill two birds with one stone, eliminating both sexual frustration and your vaginal heart attack?

As crazy as it sounds, for those few days I was hemorrhaging, my boyfriend's dick literally saved me from myself. And while it's rare to credit a penis for doing a job well done, my then-boyfriend's attitude on period sex was impressive and he showed a lot of maturity, allowing mother nature to run its course without it being a roadblock to our sex life.

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